Provide real-time, visual assistance to your customers, resulting in faster resolution times and higher customer satisfaction.


More than
25% improvement


30% reduction in
average handling time


Upto 50% increase
in first call resolution rate


Upto 20% increase
in repeat purchases

Meet customers where they are. Real-time collaborative browsing

Enable agents to visualize customer issues and provide contextual assistance

With Exotel co-browsing, agents can view, interpret, and co-navigate the customer's web browser in real-time, providing live customer support and provide contextual assistance.

How can your business boost conversions, improve agent productivity and give customers the best experience - all at the same time?

With co-browsing, agents can guide customers through the sales process in real-time - shortening sales and boosting conversions.

CoBrowse provides agents with personalized support and guidance, creating a more positive customer experience.

Elevate Conversations with Real-time Screen Sharing

Seamless Real-Time Collaboration between Agents and Customers

Collaborate with your customers in real-time seamlessly. It allows agents and customers to browse websites or applications collaboratively in real-time. An enhanced experience for the customers that they will love, guaranteed!

Ensure Security of Customer Private Information

Real-time digital customer support with enhanced data security standards through CoBrowse. Govern agents to see the customer's input with their personal information during a session. Automatically mask specific elements of a page, like credit card input fields, PAN, Aadhaar Number, etc.

No Application Download Required

No hassle of downloads, just seamless, unique experiences as co-browse is browser-based, enabling agents and customers to be on the same page.

Contextual Assistance

Instantly see your customers' issues and assist them. Highlight the specific area of a website you want to point your customer to, instantly. Chat with the customer during the session and share documents with them in real-time when required!


Intelligent Information Masking

With CoBrowse masking feature, agents can mask sensitive customer information (eg. PAN, mobile num etc.) and ensure that it is not visible to anyone else. This allows for a secure and private customer experience, while still providing the necessary assistance to complete the form. Additionally, Cobrowse does not store any sensitive information, providing an added layer of security for both the customer and the business

Video Recording for KYC

Businesses can initiate a video session with their customers and guide them through the necessary steps to complete the KYC process. The video session is recorded in real-time, providing a reliable and secure way to verify the customer's identity. The video recording is encrypted and stored securely, ensuring that the customer's personal information is protected.

Integration with Live chat and Voice/VoIP calling

Cobrowse offers seamless integration with live chat and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, providing businesses with a complete customer support solution. With live chat integration, customers can easily connect with agents and receive real-time assistance while browsing a website or completing a transaction.

Integration with Website and Android Apps

Cobrowse is designed to seamlessly integrate with websites and Android apps, providing businesses with a comprehensive support solution. The cobrowsing feature can be easily embedded into the website or app, allowing customers to access support with just a click. Once initiated, agents can guide customers through the process, highlight specific areas of the screen, and provide visual assistance in real-time.

Use Cases

Remote Web Sales through Outbound Call Center (Website Cobrowsing)

Call Center agents can use Web-to-Web Cobrowsing.
Onboard leads through Website.
Customers will fill the form, agents can see the form and assist

Remote Agent/Distributor/IFA Sales (In-App Cobrowsing)

Agents/Distributors can use App-to-Web Cobrowsing.
Onboard customers through Agent App.
Agents can start a journey on the customer’s behalf, customers can see the form.

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