Deliver speedy and accurate resolution by routing calls to the expert agents for the query with ACD.

Make your call center efficient with ACD

Do slow resolutions hinder your ability to deliver a personalized customer experience?

Transfer high-value customers to the most skilled agents and ensures all your high net-worth individual (HNI) customers receive a personalized customer experience with ACD. Deliver faster responses to priority callers.

Is your current call routing mechanism causing delays and increasing the cost-per-call?

Improve your call resolution rate by transferring calls to the most suited agent in the first go with an automatic call distribution. The customer can get their query resolved without being transferred from one department to another, which drastically cuts down the cost per call and effort.

Are your agents increasing the waiting time in handling queries that don’t fall in their expertise?

With efficient call routing, agents can solve customer queries that align with their expertise rather than catering to queries that do not. This dramatically reduces the average query handling time and ensures accurate resolutions.

Redefine the way you handle queries with ACD

Deliver customer satisfaction

Reduce response time by redirecting calls to the right agent and ensure prompt and efficient resolution of customer inquiries.

Boost productivity

Increase agent productivity and job satisfaction by assigning calls to agents based on their expertise.  

Resolve queries faster

Address critical calls quickly. Direct priority calls to expert agents and get faster responses and improved customer satisfaction.

Connect quickly

Efficiently serve a global customer base by connecting callers with the nearest available agent.

Deliver personalised experience and reduce
call chaos with automatic call distribution

Flexible Routing

Gives you complete ownership to decide how and whom you want to route calls with a powerful node flow designer. Decide the best routing mechanism based on the CRM data, IVR selection, business hours, and agent skills to optimize each caller’s experience.

Customer Persona-Based Routing

Do not keep your VIP customers waiting for long. Shorten the IVR playback while routing calls to the appropriate agent faster. Provide a hotline to connect with the agent in minimum time and ensure HNI customers are prioritized first in case of high call volume.

Behavior or Transaction-Based Routing

Route customers intelligently based on recent transaction or behavior history. Customers who recently purchased will be directed to a different IVR queue than others, leading to a more personalized and efficient experience.

Preferred Agent Routing

Connect customers with the same agent they previously spoke to within a certain time frame and allow fast and quality resolution.

Emergency Routing

Efficiently handle emergency situations. Connect critical calls to any available agent, regardless of their skills or the customer's history, to ensure prompt and effective resolution.

How Exotel ACD Works?

Customer Information

The firt step of ACD is to collect information about the customer's intention. this information gets collected as the customer enters IVR inputs before landing on an agent.

Call Queueing

The next step is sorting the customers into a waiting list as per agents’ availability and suitability. It determines queue order based on several factors, such as status, waiting time, and the type of query. It also considers the traffic volume, time of the day, queue wait times, and the department on the receiving end of the call.

Automated Call Distribution

ACD uses the gathered information to match the query with the agent’s expertise and redirects the call to the agent capable of handling the concerned query.

What is an Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)?

The Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), is a telephony program that receives incoming calls and directs them to the most suitable agent, team, or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, based on predefined routing rules. The ACD system employs a rule-based routing strategy guided by instructions that determine how inbound calls are managed and directed.

By incorporating skill-based and intelligent routing, the ACD software assists inbound call centers in avoiding common errors and following a logical path to enhance productivity. It facilitates effective communication, preventing call systems from becoming overwhelmed and ensuring that callers do not get stuck in an endless loop or wait in lengthy queues, thereby enhancing their overall experience.

To ensure smooth call handling, the ACD system directs calls to agents based on factors such as business hours, call volume, the customer's previous interactions, behavioral patterns, and customer preferences. This guarantees that each caller receives a personalized experience.


An Automatic Call Distribution allows call centers to effectively handle incoming calls by directing them to agents who are currently logged into the system. The ACD system guarantees that calls are evenly distributed among the available agents, ensuring fair allocation of calls and a balanced workload across different agent's. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology enables businesses to automate their incoming calls by facilitating customer interactions through pre-recorded voice messages and keypad inputs using DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency).

In contrast, Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) efficiently directs calls to the most suitable agents, ensuring quicker issue resolution through Exotel's adaptable and powerful ACD software.

There are various types of call routing algorithms, such as:

-Skill-based Routing
-Behavioral or Transaction-based Routing
-Preferred Agent Routing
-Persona-based Routing
-Location-based Routing

An ACD system helps call centers efficiently routing callers to the most suitable agents, resulting in faster query resolution. This swift resolution contributes to higher First Call Resolution (FCR) rates and increased Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) levels.

ACD offers numerous advantages, including:

  • Enhanced team efficiency
  • Improved first contact resolution rate
  • Seamless call routing
  • Reduced call center costs
  • Optimal resource utilization

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