Streamline your customer support and save on expenses with our no-code chatbot builder that creates conversational journeys on your customers' preferred channels

50+ Fortune

2000 Clients

Served Worldwide

50 Million+

 Enterprise customers

interact through our bots


Virtual Agents operate

across enterprises

Upto 90%

Reduction in query

handling time

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service, Win Lifelong Customer

How can your business improve the efficiency and productivity of your customer service?

Exotel empowers your agents with intelligent chatbots to focus on higher-priority tasks and become more productive. As a result, it reduces operational turnaround time by up to 90% and automates your customer service to be around the clock.

Enhance customer experience with personalized messaging

Exotel Chatbot lets your business respond with personalized, context-relevant, and swift replies in the customer’s preferred language at any time, improving customer satisfaction.

Boost business conversions, reduce operational costs, and scale at will - all simultaneously

Exotel chatbots let you handle large amounts of customer interactions with minimum latency. Spin up virtual agents instantly as and when demand grows. Exotel chatbot's quicker response times lead to higher conversion rates.

Boost Customer Confidence and Save Costs

Empower Customers with Personalized Conversations

With Exotel chatbots, businesses can offer personalized recommendations and tailored customer support, improving overall customer experience. In addition, personalized interactions build customer trust, improve relationships, and foster natural conversations.

Engage With Customers across channels

Good engagement rates can lead to better sales and conversion rates. Exotel Chatbot can be deployed on your customer's favorite channels such as Website, WhatsApp, Facebook/Instagram Messenger, MS Teams and more.

Let your customers reach out to you easily!

Provide consistent Quality of Customer Service

Deploy Exotel's chatbot and live up to consumers' expectations. It makes conversations more seamless across platforms and provides consistent quality customer service to give consumers a consistent, connected experience.

Boost Efficiency and Productivity

Technology can take your customer support to the next level.

Empower your valuable human agents with virtual agent support to answer multiple customer questions simultaneously and with zero wait time.

Reduce operational turnaround time by up to 90%.

Maximize ROI & Boost Conversions

With Exotel Chatbot, overall operational costs and customer churn rate are reduced by providing a seamless customer experience. In addition, integrating chatbots​ quickens response times and leads to higher conversion rates.

What you Get with AI Chatbot

Powerful NLP

Our state-of-the-art NLP models provide more accurate and efficient user communication, enhancing user experience and improving business operations.

Low-Code Conversation Flow Editor

The intuitive editor lets you create, run, and deploy customizable chatbot workflows in minutes and without coding. You can also visualize changes in your conversation flows in real-time.

Omnichannel availability

Develop conversational experiences across various channels, including web, phone, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Alexa, while maintaining conversation context.

Intent Modeling

Enable your business users to build highly accurate and reliable intent models based on common customer interactions. You can also create intents instantly using web URLs.

Multilingual Support

Exotel Chatbot supports over 100 languages in which you can engage with your customers. Start building your bot with one language and enable additional languages as and when you need them.

Knowledge Base Lookup

Exotel Chatbot can instantly search from its knowledge base and use the data it finds to present a personalized response to the customer. Further, it can also look for information directly from web pages and even through Google searches.

Hosting Flexibility

Exotel chatbots can run on your preferred cloud service or on your infrastructure as an on-premise deployment or both.

Analytics and Reporting

Easily visualize the performance metrics of your chatbots with real-time insights for faster decision-making. Reports can be scheduled to be emailed at regular intervals.

Use Cases


Lead Generation and Lead Qualification

Running Promotional Campaigns

Product Launches


Personalised recommendations

Sales assistance

Up-selling and cross-selling

Customer Service

Resolving customer issues

Providing Personalised and 24*7 Support

Collecting customer feedback

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