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Marketing Guide for WhatsApp for Business 2023

Whatsapp for Business
  • Mei 10, 2023
  • 4 mins read

Marketing communication has evolved massively due to the availability of social media and messengers. These platforms or tools make communication more interactive and enriched since users can express themselves through textual messages and multimedia files. So, naturally, the potential for leveraging these platforms to send marketing messages becomes quite lucrative for businesses.

Among all the messengers, the popularity of WhatsApp and the immense flexibility it offers to marketers cannot be ignored. It is a cross-platform mobile messenger that lets people communicate across mobile platforms. Subsequently, it allows enterprises to improve their user experience with better customer service.

So how does using WhatsApp for marketing help businesses improve customer experience in real time? Let’s find out.

WhatsApp for Marketing Use cases

There are several purposes for using WhatsApp to improve marketing communication by businesses. Some of the most effective and most used use cases of WhatsApp in this aspect are as follows:

1. Click To Chat Ads

One of the most popular techniques for connecting customers directly with businesses is providing a WhatsApp redirect with ad campaigns. This click-to-chat feature helps interested customers engage more with the product or service offerings, find out more details if they are interested, and close the deal faster. 

2. Chatbot On Websites

One of the primary purposes of any website is to guide visitors to the intended page that gets them interested and expedites conversions. Adding WhatsApp Chatbot is an excellent way to improve the website’s navigability and bring the customers one step closer to making a purchase decision.

3. Abandoned Cart Recovery Messages on WhatsApp

One of the most used use cases, cart abandonment notification reminds the customers to clear their shopping cart with periodic reminders. This feature helps businesses improve conversion rates and offers opportunities to retain customers.

4. Order Confirmation Messages on WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp for marketing communication can also be used for sending an order confirmation notification to users. It helps in building trust among customers and makes the conversation enriching.

5. Shipping Notifications on WhatsApp

Similar to order confirmation, a shipping confirmation can also be sent to the customers to inform them about the movement status of the product they bought. These minor but constant communications help businesses build customer loyalty and offer a great brand experience to customers so that you can keep them converting and increase customer lifetime value effectively.

Using WhatsApp for Business Marketing

Using WhatsApp for marketing in businesses requires the same amount of effort as your other marketing channel. Similar to the other marketing channels, you need to identify the why and how of using the right messages to engage customers effectively. The basic setup before you start using WhatsApp for marketing includes:

1. Business Goals

Aligning the objective is crucial for the success of your business campaigns. First, identify what you are offering to your customers. Next, identify the campaign’s end goal, whether it is a product or service, and use it to build awareness or convert prospects into customers.

2. Audience Selection

Once your campaign goal is aligned, you must identify the right audience to engage them. These can depend on the demography as well as their past purchase history.

3. Integrate Whatsapp

The next step is to integrate a platform that lets you use the WhatsApp API effectively with your communication strategies. Exotel is one of the most trusted platforms in this regard and offers you more flexibility and bandwidth to make your marketing messages impactful.

4. Contacts

Another vital step in making your marketing messages effective is to build a targeted contact list and get consent from your users. Customers who agree to receive your messages interact more readily with the WhatsApp messages than the segment without their permission.

5. Craft Messages

With the previous steps in place, you can now craft targeted messages personalized to each users liking and begin the campaign. You can measure the engagement rate with your WhatsApp platform’s dashboard and iterate on the messaging to generate more impact.

WhatsApp Marketing example

Several brands and known businesses are already using WhatsApp to reach out to their customers. The communication includes information about a sale season or reminders of certain services, but constant reminders are usually effective in getting the customers converted. Below are a couple of examples of how brands are using WhatsApp for marketing their products and services.

1. Policy Bazaar

PolicyBazaar usually sends messages to its users to stay updated with important policies and renewals so that customers can meet deadlines.

2. Lifestyle

Lifestyle offers its customers information about ongoing sales, a reminder of the expiry of discount coupons, and updates based on the customers’ spending history. So naturally, these messages increase the intent of shopping from Lifestyle stores’ loyal customers.

Exotel Advantages of using WhatsApp for Marketing

To make your communication effective, you need to use personalized and well-crafted messages through WhatsApp for marketing your brand as per customers’ expectations. Hence, a comprehensive platform, such as Exotel, for integrating your WhatsApp channel becomes a vital cog. The factors that give an edge to Exotel over other WhatsApp marketing platforms are:

1. Pricing

It has a competitive pricing over its competitors that helps businesses optimize their marketing ROI without compromising on the functionalities of using WhatsApp API to integrate into their businesses.

2. Support

Exotel offers unmatched customer support that remains available round the clock for you to handle any glitch or error in the system. Understanding the issues and offering seamless solutions help businesses keep their communication uninterrupted with their customers.

3. Better Customer Experiences

Integrating the WhatsApp API through Exotel helps businesses to offer delightful customer experiences through deeper engagement. Subsequently, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty improve significantly.

4. Transparency

Using WhatsApp for engagement requires you to measure the real-time engagement of users and derive insights from it to understand the full impact of your campaigns. Exotel platform allows you to check all the performance details with its high throughput setup and delivery by offering the best server configuration to improve customer experience across users.

5. Minimum Latency

Integrating WhatsApp API through Exotel helps you to reduce latency while sending messages. Therefore, you run your communication channel without downtime or reduced speed to offer a better user experience to your customers.

Wrapping Up

Using WhatsApp for marketing your products is entirely different than any other communication channel. Other user engagement techniques are unmatched by the sheer amount of interactivity and flexibility the former offers. Further, personalized communication without compromising user privacy improves your promotions’ impact.

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