Enable your admissions, sales & support teams to work efficiently. Build a connected institution by creating hyperpersonal engaging experiences across touchpoints. 


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How Exotel can help
EdTech processes?

With AI-enabled campaigns and robust parent outreach and sales tools.


With automated payment reminders and collection calling tools.

With AI-powered self-service and seamless CRM integrations for agent efficiency.

By quick query resolutions and agent monitoring.

Create better learning, one solution at a time.

Manage admissions seamlessly

- Expedite lead generation and reach a wider audience with AI-powered campaigns on Voice and WhatsApp.

- Enhance employee productivity with advanced outbound dialers and CRM integrations.  


Send notifications when it matters the most

- Prompt automated reminders before a remote class begin.

- Trigger payment due reminders to students or parents.

- Notify parents about the test results, upcoming assignments and meetings.



Educate students in the best possible ways

- Connect teachers and students over chat and mask their calls for privacy.

- Schedule voice broadcasts with pre-recorded lessons.

- Send lesson summaries on interactive chat messages.

Key offering snapshot of Education engagement platform


Omnichannel user verification


Multichannel campaigns on Voice, SMS & WhatsApp


Powerful CRM and helpdesk integrations


Advanced AI chatbots


Powerful communication APIs


Omnichannel contact center


Call quality monitoring


Live agent dashboard


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