We are hiring! We are not looking for any ninjas, rock stars, or aliens. We are looking for normal humans who have empathy for customers, peers, and people in general and love building great products and delivering great experiences. Join us to create a large impact on the enterprise customer communication landscape.

Join us to create a large impact on the enterprise customer communication landscape.


The number of hours at work doesn’t matter as long as you deliver the goods.


We’ve been voted as one of the best B2B startups to work for in India. It’s a testimony to the team we’ve built.


Get your hands dirty. Contribute from your first day. If you’re a budding entrepreneur, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to start your own company one day!


No dress code – we won’t judge you if you come to work in your pyjamas.


Between our office parties, sports clubs (football, basketball) and poker nights, we have the party bit sorted.


We always have yummy food around us. Fruits, snacks, lunch, fresh juice, and some junk to keep the balance going.

Exotel DNA
Built with people at its core

OOO (Outcome over output)

We strive to make a significant impact that lasts. What sets us apart is our emphasis on quality over quantity. We don't channel our energy into achieving superficial outcomes, instead we aim for real and lasting effects!


We prioritize generosity, celebrate diversity, and collaborate synergistically. We make space for individuality while recognizing our interconnectedness


We’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology, helping them understand it, and connecting with them on various platforms for a seamless and enjoyable experience.


We take ownership, build trust, and go the distance to achieve our goals, in line with the organization's vision. Our commitment is unwavering, and our success is a collective effort.

Stay True

We value honesty, transparency, and taking ownership of our actions. We tackle problems head-on and hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct and behavior.

What does the interview process at Exotel look like?

A few questions sent to you through email

One telephonic round of interview

Two (or three) rounds with your peers and managers

Spend some time at the office getting to know the people you’ll work with

And if we like hanging out with each other, we’ll make you an offer


About Exotel