At Exotel, we believe in the power of creating meaningful experiences. That’s why we create world-class customer engagement tools that are setting new standards and revolutionizing how companies build relationships with their customers.

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Shivakumar Ganesan (Shivku)

Shivku is a technology entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Exotel, the leading Connected Conversation Platform. Prior to establishing Exotel in 2011, Shivku worked at Yahoo! and Flipkart, where he gained significant experience in the technology industry. Through his visionary leadership, Exotel has achieved several milestones, including securing $100 million in funding, merging with Ameyo, and acquiring Cogno AI.

Shivku's passion for leveraging technology to solve real-world problems has earned him recognition from prestigious publications such as Fortune's 40 under 40 and CNBC's Young Turk.

Apart from his entrepreneurial endeavors, Shivku is also a technology enthusiast with a keen interest in exploring the latest developments in the field.

Ishwar Sridharan

Ishwar Sridharan is a technology innovator who co-founded Exotel with Shivakumar Ganeshan, driven by a desire to transform business communication with a cloud telephony platform. With prior experience in building secure and scalable software solutions for companies like Yahoo! and SAP, Ishwar's expertise has been instrumental in driving Exotel's growth and success.

Through his leadership, Exotel has achieved significant milestones, including merging with Ameyo and acquiring Cogno AI. Ishwar is focused on expanding Exotel's reach, with the goal of making it the world's largest unified customer engagement platform.

Beyond his work at Exotel, Ishwar is passionate about mentoring young entrepreneurs and exploring innovative solutions through coding projects.

Sachin Bhatia

Sachin Bhatia is a co-founder and growth strategist with a passion for creating game-changing products. Alongside his fellow IITians, Sachin co-founded Ameyo in 2003, leading the company for over 17 years to become a leading provider of customer engagement solutions in India.

Driven by his hunger for growth, Sachin merged Ameyo with Exotel and acquired Cogno AI to build Asia's largest cloud communication platform. His expertise in customer engagement has earned him industry recognition, including a feature in Forbes India's 30 Under 30 list in 2015.

Outside of work, Sachin enjoys music, dancing, and a good laugh.

Adarsh K

Adarsh is a seasoned financial strategist with over two decades of experience driving financial transformation for leading companies such as Blue Yonder, Allianz, and The Math Company. With a proven track record in enabling profitable growth and market leadership, Adarsh has joined Exotel to accelerate the company's journey towards achieving its goals.

As an integral member of the leadership team, Adarsh is committed to driving innovation and delivering high-quality products to users at a faster pace. His expertise in financial management and strategic planning is an invaluable asset to Exotel as the company continues to evolve and expand its reach.

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar is a highly accomplished engineering leader with nearly 20 years of experience in the communications sector. As a key member of the Exotel team, he is responsible for driving the development of a reliable and scalable communication platform that meets the needs of our valued customers.

Anil's expertise in communication technologies is unparalleled, with numerous patents and paper publications to his credit. He is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology and using his skills to develop innovative solutions that drive business growth.

With a passion for engineering and a deep understanding of the industry, Anil is a valuable asset to Exotel, helping the company to continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in communication technology.

Angira Agrawal

Angira heads GTM & Strategy, and India Business at Exotel. In his GTM role, he collaborates closely with organizations to identify industry trends, use cases, and growth areas for Exotel, while as India Business Head, he focuses on enhancing customer experience as a connected conversations platform provider.

Prior to joining Exotel, Angira held various senior leadership roles at top-tier organizations, including Airtel Business, Skylo, Vodafone Idea, NEC, Tata Communications, Accelerite, Oracle, and HCL Technologies. His passion for technology has driven him to create innovative solutions and processes that transform the way businesses engage internally and with customers. With an MBA from XLRI Jamshedpur and a BE in Electronics from MSU Baroda, Angira is renowned in the industry for driving growth and innovation. 

Sumanpreet Pahuja

Sumanpreet Bhatia is a highly experienced HR leader with over two decades of experience working with top-tier companies such as Qubole and Hortonworks. At Exotel, she plays a critical role in building and maintaining meaningful relationships with employees through her innovative HR strategies.

Sumanpreet's expertise in HR management is unparalleled, and her contributions have been instrumental in helping Exotel to build a thriving workplace culture. Whether she is coordinating recruitment efforts, driving employee engagement activities, or fostering relationships between teams, Sumanpreet is always focused on creating an environment where employees can thrive.

Her passion for HR is evident in everything she does, and her dedication to her work has earned her the reputation of being the glue that holds Exotel together.

Udit Agarwal

Udit Agarwal is an accomplished marketing leader with over a decade of experience in marketing and business development. With a proven track record of building successful brands and executing effective marketing strategies, Udit has spearheaded successful campaigns for UiPath, Adobe, SAP, and other leading organizations.

As Vice President and Global Head of Marketing at Exotel, Udit is responsible for driving the company's marketing efforts and building brand awareness. He is known for his strategic thinking, innovative mindset, and ability to inspire his team to deliver exceptional results. Beyond his work at Exotel, Udit enjoys spending time with his family and indulging in his passion for cooking.

Manpreet Madan

Manpreet is a Chartered Accountant by profession with 25+ years of experience in the fields of Business Planning, GTM Operations, Strategy, Program Management & Finance with a demonstrated history of working in IT industries like Microsoft, Oracle & Uipath. Manpreet's previous experience of leading the Rev Ops and Strategy roles comes handy for Exotel. She works closely with the Sales, GTM, CX & Delivery Leads to drive and land GTM Strategy, Sales Initiatives, Processes, Compensation Policy, Tools and Programs, Analytics and Business Intelligence through Automation Prior to Exotel, she has worked with UiPath at an early-growth start up phase to lead the Sales Ops and Strategy and set up the GTM Org..Through these 4 years, she had the opportunity to contribute to various phases of the Company - from early growth startup to one of the most successful Tech IPOs of 2021

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The Exotel Story

Exotel is a customer conversation platform that believes in the power of exceptional customer experience. Our omnichannel contact center, Communication API suite, and Conversational AI come together to create a platform that delivers Connected Customer Conversations at unprecedented scale, speed, and ubiquity.

We believe that customer experience is not just a number, but  a feeling. That's why we're dedicated to helping businesses engage with their customers with greater trust, personalization, and empathy. With Exotel, you can listen to your customers, remember every conversation, and provide rich insights to create truly meaningful interactions.

Exotel is the emerging market's leading full-stack platform and a virtual telecom operator. Our cloud-based product suite drives 70+ million conversations every day for over 7100 businesses across India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. And with our recent license to offer cost-effective end-to-end VoIP telephony services, we're proud to be a 100% compliant cloud calling operator.


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