Exotel Announces Partnership with EZECOM Group to Help Strengthen the Telecommunications Sector in Cambodian Market

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia, December 05, 2022::

Exotel, the emerging market’s leading full-stack customer engagement platform in association with EZECOM Group, Cambodia’s premium provider of internet service and also a part of Cambodia’s most prominent diversified conglomerate and holding company – The Royal Group of Cambodia announces an exclusive conference/roundtable on 9th December 2022.

The event aims to gather industry leaders from brands across industries for a critical discussion to help strengthen the telecommunications sector in the Cambodian market. This will also help Exotel expand access to efficient and quality network infrastructure connectivity in the country and target potential customers.

According to the Cambodian Post and Telecommunications Minister, Cambodia has some 17.8 million internet subscribers and 312,233 to the fixed internet service. The high number of internet users has contributed to the development of e-commerce in Cambodia.

The country further needs an unparalleled customer experience to foster this growth. Exotel knows the power customer experience can play in differentiating a brand and building loyalty. For them, customer experience goes beyond the superficial impressions a brand lays out for consumers.

Partnering with EZECOM Group represents a major milestone in Exotel’s journey with Cambodia, as it allows for increased collaboration for advancing the practice of customer engagement management in the country.

Commenting on the association with EZECOM Group, “The Cambodian market is seeing rapid digital transformation initiatives that have contributed to the development of e-commerce. Our partnership with EZECOM Group is designed to give a further boost to this and also support the government’s role in strengthening mobile infrastructure and high speed internet through 4th generation mobile services (4G) and also to lay the foundation for the 5th generation mobile services (5G). 

We have trust that we both can work together to provide an unparalleled customer experience. We know the power of customer experience and can provide world-class service and digital experience based on the needs of the people.”

About Exotel

In today's dynamic business landscape, customer expectations are constantly evolving. Businesses face the challenge of balancing the need for increased revenue, optimised costs, and exceptional customer experience (CX). Exotel steps forward as your transformative partner, offering a comprehensive AI-powered communication solution designed to address all three!

We leverage the cutting edge of AI to create co-pilots. These intelligent assistants seamlessly integrate across all communication channels (omnichannel), enabling hyper-personalized interactions with every customer. Imagine empowered agents receiving real-time guidance, leading to faster conversions and improved lead nurturing.

Exotel's impact extends far beyond the agent experience. AI co-pilots automate repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable resources and reducing operating costs. Additionally, AI-powered self-serve options empower customers to find answers independently, boosting overall CX. Exotel goes beyond just technology. We partner with you to craft customised solutions that unlock the true potential of AI-driven communication.

Let Exotel be your guide through the ever-changing business landscape and a partner for all things from customer engagement to customer experience. We'll help you achieve your unique goals while empowering every conversation like a friend.

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