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Exotel CXNXT FutureScope 2023

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    Imagine a use case.

    Learn how to build it with the Exotel Voice Platform!

    Building communication flows across the customer life cycle is an operationally daunting task.  Timely & contextual customer engagement can help your businesses gain a competitive advantage by delivering superior customer experiences and building stronger customer relationships.

    In this webinar, a team of CX and tech experts will explain how to get started, scale, and make the most of a unified experience to overcome the following challenges faced by industries like Banks + Fintech, Ecomm + Retail, 3PL, and Logistics and EdTech.

    - Poor efficiency in automating communications COD and RTO use cases: Without the correct implementation of automation, customers experience a longer wait time or unhelpful responses.

    - High instances of unauthorized app usage and proxies: Incidents of unauthorized access to customer accounts can result in loss of trust and decreased customer loyalty, leading to customer churn.

    - No visibility into last mile data: Without this data, businesses can face concerns such as increased operational costs and increased RTO rates.

    Some other significant challenges that these industries face include poor pick rates, inability to track SOP compliance, and operational losses due to fraudulent orders.

    Learn how to:
    • Build any use case you can imagine with intuitive low-code tools
    • Centrally build & manage customer interactions
    • Automate customer journeys
    • Monitor communications in real-time
    • Go faster to market with a low and no-code
    • Scale with a robust, consistent, and reliable engine
    • Experience an uncompromised and unified platform
    Who is this Webinar for?
    •  Operations
    •  IT teams
    •  Sales and Marketing teams


    Anshuman Srivastava

    Head of Engineering


    Manish Bhardwaj

    Business Analyst | Customer success | Customer support | Product training

    ALLEN Digital

    Faizan Ahmed

    Hashmi Senior Product Manager at


    Sachith Rajagopal

    Associate Director-GTM


    Varun Raj Head

    Platform Business


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