Gain the trust of your customers and get local acceptance and credibility with our Virtual USA Business Phone Numbers

What are Virtual US Phone Numbers?

Virtual US Phone Numbers look like other local US phone numbers but do not have any physical phone lines or SIM-cards associated with them. These numbers are hosted on the cloud and are programmed to forward all the incoming calls from the USA to any desired phone number of yours.

Why get a local Virtual USA Phone Number for your business?

Gain credibility and build trust with your customers

The United States virtual phone numbers look like the local US phone numbers, and the customers calling you will get the same experience as calling a regular local phone number. Thus, if your business has a US-based customer-facing number, you are more likely to receive calls from them. This way you can build trust and gain credibility for your business even if you’re not based out of the US.

Serve your customers more efficiently with our cloud features

Virtual phone numbers can do wonders for your business since they come with a host of productivity features when compared to regular phone numbers. You can receive an unlimited number of calls on a single number at a single point in time. You will also be able to forward your incoming calls to your agents’ mobile number, or a landline number, or even to agents’ computers using our VOIP technology.

Features of Virtual USA Phone Numbers

Call Recording and Reporting

With our cloud-based software, you can record your customer calls and monitor them for your agents’ productivity and better business insights.

Call Queuing

Get call queuing facility to put your callers in a virtual queue in case all of your agents are busy. Till the customer is connected, you can play music or a recording.

Automatic Call Distribution

Our Automatic Call Distribution software (ACD) lets you intelligently route your incoming calls to the agents based on predetermined conditions like business hours, preferred/ sticky agent routing, etc.

Smart IVR

Give a seamless customer experience for your callers and automate non-essential calls using our smart IVR feature.

Live Call Transfer

Transfer your customer calls to the right agents contextually and instantly with a click of a button. Improve customer experience and reduce resolution times.

Helpdesk/CRM Integrations

Seamlessly integrate the virtual numbers with the leading CRMs and Helpdesk software in the market and improve the productivity of your agents.


Improve your product/service using call recordings of your virtual phone numbers, available in your inbox

How can businesses use our US Virtual Phone Numbers?

Set up a Customer Call Center for US Customers

Craft seamless customer experiences for your US customers with Exotel’s call center software. Use our smart IVR, live call transfers, and other features to personalize communication and even save costs with our VOIP technology.

Use it for sales calls

Make it simple for your sales team to reach out to prospective customers in the US using our phone system. Get features like Auto Dialer, Automated Calls, etc. to help improve your team’s productivity.

Enable Remote Working

With our cloud-based phone system, your agents aren’t chained to their desks. They can work at any time and from any location – their office, their home, or while on the move, without compromising on customer experience.

Use it for lead management with our Lead Assist Product

Use our patented Lead Assist product – the most cost-effective way for marketplaces to connect vendors and buyers. Save cost and improve productivity while using a limited pool of virtual numbers.

Track marketing ROI

Easily track the ROI of your offline marketing campaigns in the US using Exotel’s virtual numbers. More the number of calls to a particular number, better the performance of the campaign. Tweak your marketing campaigns based on the market response.

How businesses use our virtual phone numbers

Take a glimpse of how businesses use Exotel’s virtual number to touch lives on a day-to-day basis.

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