Arm sales teams with the right tools and actionable data they need to prospect, acquire, and activate customers while boosting rep productivity and reducing software ownership costs. 


What does Exotel’s Sales Automation platform do?

Exotel’s Sales Automation platform boosts Sales productivity, making it easier for them to exceed revenue quota. The platform integrates, unifies and streamlines processes and data across sources like CRMs, LMS, Data repositories and more to deliver hyper-personalised and continuous customer experiences.


Sell more. Convert more. Save more.

Boost conversions by giving your teams more time

Reach hundreds of thousands of customers simultaneously with hyper-personalised, dynamic automated campaigns for lead generation, lead qualification, nurture and more over channels customers love -  Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, and RCS.

With communication data all in one place, reach customers at the best response times and improve engagement rates.


Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Optimise outreach and campaign costs with effective usage of Exotel’s omnichannel product bundle based on customer preferences backed by historical data instead of reaching out on all channels.


Enrich customer experiences

Utilise user-profiles and context sourced from across CRMs and other data repositories to help your reps navigate complex buyer expectations with the information they need to progress and provide continuous buying experiences.

Always deliver the best CX with highly relevant and precise information, and AI-suggested actions at every point of contact over branded and trusted business-owned channels.



Achieve Sales excellence
through smart automation

  • Scale outreach efforts and optimise sales performance by reaching out to millions of people with the no-code Campaigns tool and Smart Dialers
  • Eliminate repetitive calling by scheduling automated dynamic campaigns over channels your customers love - Calls, SMS, WhatsApp, RCS and more, at the best response times
  • Effectively route calls and leads to respective sales reps and company outlets based on conditions set by you

  • Train bots to have human-like and personalised interactions with customers on preferred channels and seamlessly bring in a human agent for complex requirements without breaking the flow
  • Improve engagement rates by enabling reps to initiate a secure and verified call with just a click of a button from their CRM while keeping both parties' phone number privacy intact
  • Provide the sales reps with timely cues and next-best actions to improve a favourable outcome

  • Give more power to the customer and deliver great CX with easy document sharing enabled WhatsApp and Google RCS
  • Help customers fill lengthy or complex forms faster with real-time assistance over live screen-sharing with the Co-browsing product
  • Integrated WhatsApp and Google RCS APIs let you immediately clear customers’ queries with AI-powered 2-way communication and live chat 

What do you get with
Exotel’s Sales Automation platform?

High performance smart dialers

Expereince hyper-personalised high volume calling with Predictive Dialers, Preview Dialers, Progressive Dialers and PACE Intelligent Auto Dialers.

Omnichannel engagement suite

Deliver continuous and connected customer experiences with Exotel’s omnichannel suite that lets you engage with customers on channels they love the most be it Calls, SMS, WhatsApp,Video or Google RCS.

Customer LLM

Consolidate unstructured, inconsistent, and disconnected data into relevant customer information and AI suggested actions to improve client engagement at every point of contact.


Real-time analytics

Improve conversions with the ability to tweak and optimise sales campaigns, track sales conversations and agent activity with real time monitoring and rep level performance data. 


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