Confirm customer availability, make operations efficient.


reduction in customer complaints about delivery failure and rescheduling.


reduction in manual efforts using pre-delivery and rescheduling solutions.


lesser failed Cash on Delivery orders.

Improve operational efficiency

Using technology to confirm a customer’s availability leads to a greater accuracy and efficiency within your company

Reduce costs

Checking the availability of the customer prior to delivery ensures no money is wasted due to customer unavailability

Enhanced customer experience

Ensuring your customer gets their product at the time that works best for them leads to a better customer experience

Dispute resolution

All the calls routed via Exotel are tracked and recorded. So, in case there is a dispute, it can be resolved easily

No more manual data updation

No need to update the data received from customers on rescheduling manually. Exotel’s system automatically takes inputs entered

How it works

1. Delivery executive at the warehouse

The executive checks-out the packages to be delivered on the same day from the hub. Check-out information is captured in system

2. Exotel reaches your delivery data server

Customer information connected to a delivery is used by Exotel to trigger an  automated call

3. Exotel notifies the customer

Exotel dials out the customer’s number and connects the customer to the delivery executive

4. Customer’s response to your system

Based on the customer’s response, you can deliver or re-schedule the delivery in order to save time and cost

Advantages of automated delivery rescheduling

What is Automated Delivery Rescheduling?

One of the biggest problems faced by the logistics industry is the cost incurred due to customer unavailability during the delivery. Automated delivery rescheduling is using a phone system to reschedule orders. Using Exotel, you can ensure your customer is available for delivery before the delivery agent reaches the address. You can also reschedule the delivery automatically to find the next best time your customer is available

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