Speed up your verification process with an average latency of just three seconds. Track results with a powerful SMS analytics dashboard that detects issues quickly and uses SMS OTP authentication as a fallback to protect verification failure.

What you get with SMS OTP?

Easy integration with APIs

Create the most efficient workflow with effortless integrations! Our clean and fast APIs make it easy to integrate your systems.

Maximum security with strong OTPs

Generate powerful and uncrackable OTPs with strong combinations of numeric, alphabetical, or alphanumeric combinations where length ranges from three to ten digits.

Stay up-to-date with status callbacks

Get real-time updates on the status of your SMS OTPs and verification confirmations with our reliable and convenient status callback feature.

Keep a constant eye on the campaign with real-time reporting

Track vital statistics like delivery, open, and click rates to ensure you get real-time insights for smarter decision-making.

Getting started is easy with REST APIs

Set up complex campaigns easily! Using the REST format, you can quickly have everything running smoothly in as little as five minutes with a user-friendly interface.

Maximise your verification efficiency
with ExoVerify's SMS OTP Authentication

Reduce operational costs

Save 50% on your SMS OTPs! With nOTP as a fallback, you can easily generate and validate while keeping costs to a minimum.

Get fast delivery on a reliable network

Unlock 98% delivery rates and lightning-fast responses with our dedicated high-priority OTP channels plus integrated backup routes and fallback networks.

Say goodbye to manual tasks

Verify users in minutes with a self-service dashboard and say goodbye to manual OTP generation and authentication.

Enjoy uninterrupted verification & best uptimes

Experience seamless and reliable verification services with our best-in-class platform that offers 99.94% uptime, including operator uptime.

Stay compliant

Ensure compliance with TRAI guidelines and DLT template scrubbing with dedicated resources and streamlined processes.

Send secure SMS OTPs without failures

Are you tired of SMS OTP failures and the lack of fallback options?

Our full-stack Exoverify verification suite ensures your verification is seamless. If SMS OTPs fail, our fallback solutions like nOTP and Voice OTP automatically start the verification process.

Can you effectively track the success of your OTP authentication process?

You get a complete and detailed view of OTP deliveries on Exoverify’s SMS OTP dashboard with insights into delivered, failed, or errored messages.

Are you concerned about your verification data security?

With our ISO 27001:2013 certified solution and licensed virtual network operator status, you can be assured about data privacy and storage.

How does ExoVerify SMS OTP work?

Verification request by the customer

Customer clicks the ‘Send OTP’ button on your app and a unique OTP is generated and sent.

OTP validation

OTP entered by the customer is validated on Exotel’s backend.

Customer’s number is verified

Your customer is successfully verified after validation at our end.


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