Make your brand recognisable with Exotel’s customisable sender ID for messages. Set up a custom sender ID of 6 characters to reflect your brand and start sending bulk messages in less than 30 min.

Here is how NearBuy has used our SMS Masking solution:

How Nearbuy (Groupon) uses our business SMS service

Nearbuy’s entire business revolves around their interactions with customers and dealers. Therefore, getting in touch with their clients and traders within a specific timeframe is the key to running their business operations efficiently. This led to Nearbuy getting in touch with us for smart solutions for their business.

Advantages of using SMS masking

Identifies the sender

Customers will immediately know that the SMS is from a brand when it has a unique sender ID.

Improves brand awareness

Customised sender ID will help your customers recognise that the message is coming from you, building credibility.

Increases customer engagement

When the customer sees a known brand name instead of an unknown number, they are more likely to open and read it.

Effective one-sided communication

You can prevent customers from responding to your messages or calling the number by masking it with a sender ID.

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