Send and track SMS messages programmatically using Exotel’s SMS APIs. Build the future of communication with fast, reliable, and efficient SMS APIs powering more than 1 billion SMSes a year.

Get the best delivery rates at the lowest prices in India.

What is SMS API?

An SMS API allows you to send SMS messages using code. You can trigger messages to your customers on autopilot based on predetermined conditions. For example, the predetermined condition for payment requests trigger is sending out an OTP for verification.

The service provider, Exotel’s SMS API acts as the middleman between the trigger and the response. The API facilitates the built-in condition and its response by operating between them.

Find out more about how you can use Exotel’s API here.

Why Exotel’s SMS APIs?

Simple, easy-to-use

Exotel’s APIs are straightforward and are easy to understand and use.


Everything you need to send SMSes using our API is well documented, down to the last detail.

Highly flexible

Exotel’s SMS API is highly flexible to work well for your business.

Real-time delivery reports

With Exotel, you can access live data on delivery rates, open rates, latency rates, delivery failures, and reasons.


Automation is the biggest benefit of using SMS API – you only need to set it up once.

Send static or dynamic SMS

Exotel’s SMS APIs support both static and dynamic text messages.

Easy SMS migrations

Leverage our APIs to route your SMS connects via the Exotel network seamlessly.

High delivery rates with low latency

Exotel has built-in redundancies to ensure that your SMS gets delivered on time, every time.

URL shortening

Get rid of complex URLs and create visually appealing short URLs that lead to improved click-through rates.

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