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Experience the ease of setting up and executing secure payments, all within the familiar WhatsApp interface.


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A New Era for Business Transactions

WhatsApp Pay, a seamless addition to the globally embraced messaging app WhatsApp, is revolutionizing how businesses manage payments. With an extensive user base of over 2.2 billion active users across 100 countries, WhatsApp Pay is reshaping the digital payment landscape.

Understanding WhatsApp Pay

In-Chat, Instant Payments

WhatsApp Pay is designed to facilitate instant payments within the WhatsApp platform, enabling businesses to receive payments directly in chat conversations. This innovative service streamlines the transaction process, providing a seamless and efficient payment experience.


Simplified Payment Process for Everyone

The transaction process is straightforward and secure, catering to both businesses and customers. All that's needed is a WhatsApp-linked mobile number to initiate and complete transactions within the app using familiar payment methods.


Key Capabilities

Make Secure Payments Right Where You Chat

  • Uses industry-standard encryption and security protocols to protect every transaction
  • Supports various UPI apps and offers credit and debit card options for a versatile and trusted transaction experience.

Quick Bill Pay and Express Checkout

  • Streamlines the payment process, making it quicker and more efficient for regular purchases.
  • Simplifies and speeds up transactions, encouraging repeat business and customer retention.

Building Strong Relationships

  • Now includes options for debit and credit cards, broadening payment choices for users.
  • Provides businesses with more convenient ways to handle transactions, improving operational efficiency.

Conversational Commerce Redefined with Exotel


Enhanced Customer Engagement

Improve customer conversion and experience through Exotel's integrated platform.



Streamlined Operations

Simplify your payment processes with Exotel's API solutions.



Data Privacy and Compliance

Ensure secure transactions compliant with the latest regulations.



Customized Solutions

Exotel offers solutions tailored to each business's unique Industry and ICP, enhancing WhatsApp Payments' functionality.

Powering 7000+ Businesses in 60+ countries

Customer Experiences That Speak Volumes

Join us in embracing this significant advancement in the digital transaction landscape.

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