Reduce the risk of unauthorized access or interception of OTP messages and provide a more reliable and secure authentication experience through WhatsApps’ end-to-end encryption

Prevent Unauthorized Access of OTP messages

What are some common challenges with SMS OTP delivery?

One of the major challenges with SMS OTP includes delivering OTP to international travellers. WhatsApp is the perfect solution for such use cases and for those in areas of spotty signal. Ensure OTP delivery over internet, even when cellular networks are unreliable!

Are traditional verification methods still reliable, even without advanced security measures?

It’s important to Upgrade to verification through rich media and conversational AI on WhatsApp for a more complete experience. Unlock the potential of virtual engagement combined with human agent interactions while they securely submit documents for processing.

Boost Customer Confidence and Save Costs

Save on authentication costs with OTP notifications on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp provides a cost effective solution for your international messaging needs. By leveraging this tool, you can significantly lower expenses related to SMS and International Long-Distance Operator (ILDO) messages.

Boost Customer Confidence with Verified Sender ID on WhatsApp

Ensure an extra level of security and trust with WhatsApp's green business badge validation process that shields your SMS communication from smishing attacks, fraud and spam.

Ensuring Customers' Data Security: Every Transaction Protected.

Enjoy secure messaging with end-to-end encryption, preventing unauthorized access to in-transit and sent/received messages.

Boost sales and improve customer satisfaction with a comprehensive WhatsApp-powered customer journey.

Make OTP verification part of the customer journey. Offer enhanced security while improving the overall customer experience with seamless transactions.

What you get with WhatsApp OTP

Send automated OTPs and reminders to your customers directly on WhatsApp

Save big on international long-distance operator (ILDO) and local SMS costs.

End-to-end message encryption and a verified sender ID

Ensure the security and trustworthiness of the 2-factor authentication process

Deploy a bot on a WhatsApp number

Facilitate two-way communication for OTP verification

Use Cases

Two-factor authentication

2FA can be a great tool for consumer protection, but SMS-based options have their drawbacks. WhatsApp implements the same security measures at lower costs and with an improved customer experience - giving consumers more control over keeping information safe

Financial Transaction Validation

WhatsApp provides top-class security and a trusted business identity, making it an ideal choice for authenticating customer financial transactions

Phone number/Identity authentication

WhatsApp provides a secure and simple way for users to identify themselves through their mobile numbers for a variety of tasks, from logging into apps to requesting services or making payments.

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