Design, Build, and Manage Customized User Journeys within WhatsApp

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, WhatsApp stands as a key player for businesses in promotional activities, trade transactions, and customer assistance. With over two Billion active users worldwide, and a significant market presence in India, WhatsApp offers unparalleled opportunities for business scaling and customer engagement. Enter WhatsApp Flows – your solution to crafting seamless and efficient customer journeys within the app.


What is WhatsApp Flows?

It's an in-app, form-based user experience that allows you to create essential customer conversations effortlessly. From account creation, appointment scheduling, to feedback collection, WhatsApp Flows simplifies it all.

WhatsApp Flows

Lead Generation

Effortlessly gather customer information with Lead Generation Form Flow. Ideal for businesses looking to expand their customer base.

Login and Account Management

Enhance user experience with seamless login and account management capabilities, right within WhatsApp.

Customer Feedback & Surveys

Gain valuable insights and improve your services with easy-to-use Customer Feedback Form Flow.

Appointment Booking

Simplify your appointment management with an intuitive booking system, reducing customer drop-outs significantly.

Key Benefits for Your Business

Faster Task Completion Reducing Customer Drop-Outs

WhatsApp Flows fast-tracks the customer journey by removing back and forth exchange of messages, effectively reducing customer drop-outs.


Ideal For Diverse Use Cases

Tailor built for form-based conversations, WhatsApp Flows excels in various scenarios including lead generation, appointment bookings, registrations, sign-ups, and customer support. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for businesses in engaging customers.

Better Customer Engagement Leading To Higher Sales

By providing bespoke simple in-app experiences to the customers, WhatsApp Flows allows customers to complete their journeys within WhatsApp. Therefore, leading to higher conversions for the brands.


Ready to take your business communication to the next level?

WhatsApp Flows is here to make it happen. From lead generation to post-purchase support, manage it all efficiently through WhatsApp.


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