Schedule successful SMS broadcasts in a few clicks with a reliable and easy to use cloud platform. Gain more control with a powerful dashboard with actionable and real-time insights.

What is a SMS campaign?

SMS campaign is a one-to-many broadcast scheduled to deliver a promotional or transactional message. Exotel SMS Campaigns supports static and dynamic SMS types with real-time campaign wise analytics.

Launch Campaigns in Minutes

Upload a list of contacts

Upload a .CSV file with recipient numbers and other relevant details to send a personalised message using dynamic SMS.

Select template and Sender ID

Choose a DLT approved message template and sender ID. Customize the template with variables mapped from the CSV.

Test, schedule and monitor

Perform final checks by testing before a campaign launch. Monitor campaigns with live dashboards and take actions based on performance.

Empower your Growth with Customised and User-friendly SMS Platform

Use custom attributes to keep your messages dynamic and personalized. Send message in vernacular language to connect with customers in their own language.

Harness the power of a cloud platform that guarantees lightning-fast delivery speeds and minimal delays with dependable backups.

Use cases of SMS Campaign


Run Personalised Promotions

Broadcast personalized marketing campaigns with offers and coupon codes.


Send Timely Reminders

Remind customers about payment dues, appointments, events and more.


Deliver Relevant Updates

Keep users informed about account, company or order updates.


Conduct Survey and Feedback

Collect responses in the form of surveys or customer feedback.

What you Get with BEST SMS PLATFORM

High Scale

Reach up to five lakh contacts in a single SMS campaign.

Dynamic SMS

Send dynamic SMS with custom attributes like name, order ID, etc., imported from a CSV.

Control of your SMS Campaigns

Fine-tune plans before launch, get real-time insights during roll-out, set expenses ahead of time - or go live as soon as you're ready. Choose whatever works best for you.

Linguistic Diversity

Run SMS campaigns in multiple regional Indian languages.

Customer Experiences That Speak Volumes

Build SMS Campaigns that Drive Results

Boost Campaign Success with Real-Time Monitoring

Get the best return on your campaigns with real-time dashboards and reports. Use the pause/resume feature to optimise the campaign performance and reach.

Save Time with Seamless Campaign Set-Up

Send out SMS campaigns worry-free with a user-friendly dashboard! Test messages before they go live to ensure your success.

Stay Secure and DLT Compliant

Handle bulk SMS templates and sender IDs at scale with a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) compatible and ISO-certified secure campaigning platform. Send thousands of messages with increased security and peace of mind using an ISO-certified DLT compatible platform designed to handle large-scale templates and sender IDs.

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