Automate  repetitive calling and drive higher response rates with call broadcasts scheduled using highly flexible APIs or a no-code dashboard. Easy, effective, and insightful to use.

What are call campaigns?

Call campaigns are automated calls scheduled in advance to target certain audiences. Keep customers informed of ongoing sales campaigns, order delivery rescheduling, cautionary security information, or nudge them with payment reminders. Use our campaigns solution through APIs or no-code dashboard UI to record a message, upload a contact list, and schedule campaigns.


Scale without limits

Reach up to 5 lakh contacts within a single campaign. Run multiple campaigns in parallel.

Gain complete control

Pause, resume and mark campaigns as completed on the fly. Define custom CPM (calls per minute) with throttle limits.


Monitor in real-time and optimise

Analyze performance with a real-time dashboard and rich campaign-level data reports.


Use Call Campaigns Software For:

Schedule a call blast whenever you have an upcoming sale, new product launch, or a security update for your customers.

Drive better responses through bulk calls that outrank response rates via email or SMS. Get feedback on customers’ recent experiences with support or sales.

Remind your customers of their upcoming payments, appointments, or reservations. Do this with no limits to the number of concurrent calls that can be placed.

Educate your target audience about your product or a new feature without any extra effort to get the message to your customers (or even prospects).

Become operationally efficient by knowing customers availability to receive COD orders, hand over returned products, or reschedule delivery agent visits.

Trigger automated calls & automate early candidate filtering. Share Round 1 questions based on positions they’ve applied for with IVR inputs to record responses.

Do more by automating repetitive calling


Say goodbye to tech dependency: Send personalised messages without code dependency with dynamic greeting and IVR feature.


Drive revenue while cutting costs: Streamline your workforce by cutting out repetitive tasks with automation. Save further by eliminating spending on and maintaining complex physical infrastructure.


Deliver superior customer experience: Based on IVR inputs, route the calls only to live agents to resolve customer queries.

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You can target upto 5 lakh contacts per campaign

Yes, we have a dedicated API to trigger call campaigns. You can know more about it here.

You can download the complete report with the status of each call on the dashboard. This will help you understand the impact of your call campaigns.


We know that it’s unlikely that everyone on your list will pick the call at a given time. To ensure nobody is missed you can set a retry logic. So if the call isn’t picked, another call is triggered after some time.

The cost is completely based on usage. You don’t need to pay anything extra for call campaigns. Contact sales to know more about pricing.

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