Never keep your customers waiting. Streamline your customer engagement with our API integration and connect with your customers in real time.

Empower Your Agents with Effortless Connections

Are you struggling to achieve desired conversion rates despite high website/app traffic?

Elevate Your Sales Game. Convert and retain customers quickly and easily by capturing your customers' interest and providing exceptional assistance with our click-to-call feature.

What strategies do you employ to ensure consistent customer satisfaction and prompt resolution of customer inquiries?

Eliminate wait times. Connect your customers with available agents promptly and maximize process efficiency by enabling instant communication between agents and customers.

Do you have difficulty understanding your customers through data analysis?

Leverage the power of data to drive informed business decisions with our sophisticated solution for call data analysis and tracking. Gain a comprehensive understanding of your customer base and unlock valuable insights to enhance your overall strategy.


Benefits of Click to Call

Transform Your CRM: Boost Efficiency and Enhance Customer Experience

Cut the cord on dashboard dependency and give your agents the power to make calls directly from the CRM. Streamline operations and save valuable time and resources. Free them up to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Say goodbye to tedious manual dialing

Upscale your customer connections with lightning-fast one-click agent access. Reach more customers in less time.

Flexibility and convenience

Customers can request a call-back at their preferred time, allowing for increased customer satisfaction and availability for your business.

Improve Your Customer Experience with Click-to-Call

Convenient, Frictionless and Increased Conversion

Use Cases of
Click to Call

You can now quickly connect with customers or prospects to schedule meetings or follow up on leads.

Easily connect with leads or existing customers to pitch products or services, take orders, or close sales.

Connect with doctors and other healthcare professionals to schedule meetings, provide product information, or follow up on leads.

Schedule sample collection appointments, provide instructions or answer questions.

Schedule payments or follow up on overdue accounts.

Provide assistance, answer questions, or resolve issues.

Confirm delivery details, provide updates, or schedule redelivery.

Confirm pickup details, provide updates, or resolve issues.

What features does Exotel's click-to-call offer?

Maximize call efficiency with instant access to customer information.

Manage incoming and outgoing calls. Get a pop-up on your screen with customer details for each call, enabling efficient and personalized service. Make every call count.


Seamlessly Integrate with Your CRM

Integrates with your existing CRM easily. 

Route calls exclusively to agents who are available with State Management

Boost your CSAT score with efficient state management: route calls to the next available agent and reduce wait times. Maximize resource efficiency: only route calls to available, ready agents.

Streamline Your Communication with Zero Interface Dependency

Eliminate the need for multiple logins and additional interfaces. Make and receive calls directly from your CRM with no dependency on interfaces.


With click-to-call, you can make a call to another individual in real-time by clicking a button without actually dialling the number. Whether a helpline on a website or a customer contact on a mobile app, your customers/agents can make a call by simply clicking a button.

  • Customer clicks on the 'Call Me' button on your website. 

  • They’re asked for their phone number. 

  • When they enter their number, an API triggers two calls: One to your support desk/agents and the customer.

  • It connects the two calls to allow the agent and the customer to have a conversation.

Yes, IVR can be easily integrated as a feature.

Any business with a website and/or an app can incorporate this feature. 

  • You can integrate a ‘call me’ button to your website to generate leads for sales

  • You can add a ‘contact us’ button for customers who need help

  • Service providers like Ola, Uber and Swiggy are using it for drivers and delivery executives to reach customers

All Exotel's features are charged based on usage. Contact us to get a detailed summary of the pricing based on your requirement.

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