Connect with Over 2 Billion WhatsApp Users for Improved Engagement, Retention, and Acquisition!
Date & Time: 21st March 2023, 3:30 PM IST

Ever wondered why more businesses are embracing WhatsApp to engage with their customers?

Then this webinar is for you!

With advanced encryption, extensive reach, user-friendliness, and a low cost of entry, big companies around the world are making WhatsApp their go-to communication tool. 

Watch this webinar to discover the power of one-to-one engagement on a powerful platform like WhatsApp and how different industries like Healthcare, Hospitality, Banking, E-commerce, Retail, Fintech, Insurance, and real estate use it to take their customer experience a notch higher.

What you’ll learn:

Uncover how targeted communication platforms like WhatsApp can enhance the customer experience and drive business success. Get closer access to leaders who will discuss the trends and expectations around delivering an unparalleled customer experience.

Key things to be covered:

• Do consumers want digital interactions with brands?
• How can you unlock your CX potential with WhatsApp?
• How can businesses of all sizes interact with customers via WhatsApp (Marketing) to boost acquisition and engagement?
• How to save customer support hours using WhatsApp as a communication channel?

    This webinar will empower you to:

    • Remove friction and optimize customer experience
    • Create a futuristic customer connection that matters
    • List out customer engagement opportunities across industries

    Who is this Webinar for?

    • Marketing Heads
    • CX Enthusiasts
    • Campaign Managers
    • Sales Managers
    • CS Teams


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