The most cost-effective way for marketplaces to connect vendors and buyers

How can effective lead management help your marketplace?

For a marketplace, it is important to connect buyers and sellers for a conversation. The easiest way to facilitate this conversation is over a phone call. But the challenge is that the conversation can’t happen off the platform and the connection needs to be accounted for. This directly affects monetisation and here’s where cloud telephony helps.

Who can use it? Any marketplace that wants to connect buyers and sellers.

Exotel helps Quikr connect buyers and sellers with increased efficiency

Quikr monetizes its services product based on the analysis of Exotel’s call data

Advantages of effective lead management

Track and Analyse

Track connections made between buyers and sellers. Analyse patterns and collect insights using call analytics

Efficient Number Management

With Exotel’s smart number management system, work with a limited pool of numbers and save cost

Customer safety

Connect buyers and sellers without revealing either party’s phone numbers to ensure privacy


With proof of connections and conversation, monetisation becomes simpler

Improved customer experience

When the customer’s primary number is busy, Exotel helps you automatically retry an alternate number

Direct integration

Integrate customer conversation history, call recordings, etc. directly into your CRM

How it works

A transaction begins between the vendor and the customer

When a customer places an order for goods or services, your server communicates with Exotel to connect the buyer and the seller.

An Exophone is auto allocated for the transaction

Using our allocation API, a virtual number (VN) is allocated automatically from a pool of VNs for a particular transaction

Exotel connects the vendor and customer

The customer and the vendor can communicate over the allocated virtual number during the transaction period without revealing their personal numbers

Virtual number added back to the pool of VNs

After a transaction ends, virtual number is de-allocated from both the parties and ready to be used again for another transaction

The Exotel Advantage

Highly Secure

ISO 27001:2013 certified information security management system

Patented Solutions

Gain competitive advantage from patented products

Superior Quality

Best success rates, voice quality and reduced latency

Scale at Ease

Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure

Superior Reliability

Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes

Best Support

24×7 customer support via phone, email and Twitter

Save cost with effective lead management

Virtual numbers are a scarce commodity. But they are still the easiest way to connect vendors and buyers when you want to be in control of conversations and track them. LeadAssist is a path-breaking product that allows you to work with a limited number of virtual numbers or Exophones and still be in control. And naturally, this brings your cost down as well!

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