Behind each well-executed call-campaign, each perfect webpage, each successfully delivered SMS, there are people working non-stop to make it happen. Just like a duck swimming, these accomplishments may look smooth on the surface but underneath it all, we’re paddling like there’s no tomorrow.

The glue that holds Exotel together

If we all paddle in different directions, we’ll get nowhere. So, we have to make sure we’re working towards the same goal. To ensure that each Gaul is marching towards glory, we have come up with five commandments – these help us prioritise what’s truly important and make sure that we’re all making decisions that take us one step closer to the company’s goals.

Exotel Values Built with people at its core


For our customers.


Outcome over Output.

Company First

The chicken is involved but company is first.


We live for the trust. We are for the long haul.

It’s a Team Sport

We are not playing chess.


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