Use Exotel’s robust APIs to build a customised contact centre platform for your team. Gain complete control over your workflows and channels and keep customer data within your organisation.

Why do Businesses Need Call Centre APIs?

Every business has unique requirements and challenges. And with changing customer expectations, managing and enabling communication is becoming complex. To add to this, out-of-the-box solutions usually offer a one-size-fits-all approach that limits adapting to customer needs. That’s why Contact Centre APIs exist – they give businesses 100% control and freedom to build their own communication platform and workflows.

These APIs are like building blocks for modern call centres. Some of the most common users of these APIs are enterprises with complex workflows and requirements. They are also used by small businesses trying to solve specific communication problems.

How can Businesses use Call Centre APIs?

Track the live status of agents

This API helps you monitor the live status of all your agents at a glance (busy/free/offline).

Add, modify or delete users

Create, modify or delete users without having to log into the Exotel dashboard.

Fetch and display call details

Automatically transfer call details from Exotel to your CRM/Helpdesk app once the call is over.

Connect incoming calls to agents

Using this API, you can connect incoming calls to agents based on availability or priority/expertise.

Create a log “on” and “off” button for agents

Enable agents to log on or off from their endpoints without having to log into the Exotel dashboard.

Listen, Whisper and Barge APIs

This API enables call centre supervisors to listen, whisper or barge in on an ongoing call for various purposes – training new agents, quality checks, handling escalations, etc.

Why do Businesses use Call Centre APIs?

Protecting customer data

Data privacy is critical. This is especially true for some industries like financial services, healthcare, etc that need to be extremely cautious regarding sharing customer data. To avoid giving unnecessary access to a third party, they prefer using APIs to build their own call centre dashboards


As a business grows, its requirements become increasingly complex. Meeting them becomes difficult via a made-for-all dashboard. That’s when they usually start customising their customer communication platform using call centre APIs.

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