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4 Trending Voicebot Use Cases Built Over Voice Streaming Platform

  • May 11, 2022
  • 2 mins read

Speech technology has been one of the fast-evolving spaces in the communications market in the past few years. The need and adoption of smart voice tech have been on the rise as more enterprises are realising the widespread use cases and value.

To enable enterprises to make the most of the speech technology, we at Exotel have built live call streaming capabilities into our full stack platform. This makes us the only CEP (customer engagement platform) in the emerging markets that streams voice over the cloud.

Today we’re enabling businesses across verticals to build human-like voice bots over the live voice streams in order to build highly efficient processes, cut operational costs, and boost CX.

Deploying voice bot campaigns on the cloud gives elastic channel capacity and best in the class connectivity at scale.

Let’s look at some trending voicebot use cases that businesses are adopting.

  • Election Campaigning Bot

A national political party ran successful voicebot campaigns to boost poll results with human-like bots delivering critical party information to an opted-in list of party workers and voters. The effectiveness of the campaigns is measured by the responses received in the form of DTMF (dial pad) inputs from users.

Call volume: 2 crore

It ideally takes up to 20,000 agents to run a manual call campaign of that scale which is a time and cost-intensive process. Voice bot campaigns also eliminated the tedious tasks of agent management and training.

  • Sales Lead Qualification Bot

A leading financial services company performs the first level of lead filtrations with a conversational voice bot. The human-like bot asks a set of qualifying questions, and customer speech responses are captured and pushed to the database for lead scoring and qualification.

Manual lead qualification is time and resource-intensive. Automating this process helps manage the sales force better to focus on sales closures.

  • Payment Reminder Bot

A telecom giant increases its renewals and retention rates with voice bot reminder campaigns. When customers cross their bill due dates, personalised renewal reminder calls are triggered automatically in a natural-sounding conversational voice.

  • Customer Support Bot

A global electronics OEM company automates their voice support with intelligent bots as the first line of defence. These bots handle the most common questions to resolve queries faster, save time and boost agent productivity.

Furthermore, when the queries asked are beyond bot capability, the calls are seamlessly transferred to agent groups for manual support, ensuring superior customer experiences.

If you’d like to understand how voicebots can be of use to you, contact us here at any time or write to, and we’ll help you out.

Manisha Mishra

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