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Making Better Business Calls with Microsoft Teams: Embrace Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams with Exotel
  • July 19, 2023
  • 3 mins read

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of India, many businesses have found a robust ally in Microsoft Teams, a platform that has revolutionized how they communicate, collaborate, and perform. However, one stumbling block continues to perplex several of these businesses — enabling PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) calls. Companies, despite their enthusiasm for leveraging Microsoft Teams, often find themselves grappling with challenges. 

Direct Routing emerges as a promising alternative to tackle such problems, But what exactly is Direct Routing, and how can it alleviate the current challenges faced by businesses? Read on to find out.

Understanding the Pain Points

A significant number of Indian businesses leverage Microsoft Teams daily, yet they continue to grapple with the issue of enabling PSTN calls. The reasons behind this problem are manifold. 

a) Firstly, the intricate regulatory environment in India often complicates matters. 

b) Secondly, the lack of truly cloud-based solutions forces businesses to depend on a separate telephony infrastructure.

Operating a separate telephony infrastructure is far from ideal. It’s not only costly, but it also requires substantial effort and resources to maintain. This predicament has left businesses searching for a comprehensive solution that allows them to maximize the usage of Microsoft Teams without compromising on professional-grade business calls.

What is Direct Routing?

Microsoft Direct Routing is a feature within Microsoft Teams that allows organizations to link their external phone lines, transforming Microsoft Teams into a comprehensive office phone system.

Two distinct kinds of direct routing exist:

i) Customer-premise hosted SBC

ii) Operator-hosted SBC, also known as Direct Routing-as-a-Service or DRaaS

In the first scenario, the customer has to invest significant effort. This is where Exotel stands out, by offering the second option, which is fully compliant with regulatory standards. 

Read on to learn more.

Direct Routing-as-a-Service

Similar to other “as a Service” frameworks (like cloud, software, and so on), Direct Routing-as-a-Service offers businesses the ability to implement critical Microsoft Teams telephony features without the necessity for specialized in-house IT knowledge or physical infrastructure.

Typically, offerings under Direct Routing-as-a-Service incorporate components like SIP connectivity, supervised Session Border Controller (SBC) resources, services including phone numbers and PSTN calling.

The perks of Microsoft Direct Routing are manifold. It promotes interoperability, connecting various Unified Communications components seamlessly. It also offers:

1. Call Routing

Direct Routing allows for significant per-user cost savings enabling optimal utilization of existing Microsoft 365 license costs

2. Enhanced Support

Access to call statistics regarding handling efficiency, productivity, and call patterns for better backup scenarios.

3. Flexibility

Organizations can maintain a single contract instead of dealing with multiple regional carrier contracts

4. Centralization

Streamline all communications with Direct Routing, facilitating standardization, compliance, and  IT support consolidation.

5. Simplicity

Reduce complexity and  bring efficiency and simplicity to your communication tech stack.

6. Agility

Direct Routing allows easy addition, alteration, or removal of Microsoft Teams users, providing flexibility vital in our rapidly evolving collaboration environment.

7. Consistency

A uniform user interface for both external and internal communications results in a consistent user experience, thereby enhancing productivity and overall user satisfaction.

Exotel Collaborates with Microsoft: Launch of Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams Phone in India

In a game-changing collaboration, Exotel and Microsoft, bring Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams Phone to businesses in India

Exotel’s cloud-based Direct Routing offering enables PSTN calling for Microsoft Teams Phone customers in India. This solution stands as a significant leap forward in business communication, promising seamless conversations, boosted operational efficiency, and outstanding customer experiences.

How the Exotel – Microsoft Teams Integration Works

Microsoft Teams and Exotel

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Direct Routing by Exotel

Exotel’s collaboration with Microsoft does more than just fill a gap—it propels businesses forward. This integration with Microsoft 365 provides a cloud-based Direct Routing as a Service in India, which enables inbound and outbound PSTN calling for Microsoft Teams users. The benefits are numerous:

Microsoft Teams with Exotel

1. Cost Efficiency

Our solution negates the need for an on-premise infrastructure, leading to substantial cost savings and eliminating operational overheads.

2. Compliance

As a licensed Telecom operator in India with a Microsoft certified & tested infrastructure, we ensure adherence to local regulations.

3. Flexibility

Businesses can effortlessly add Direct Inward Dialing (DIDs) and channels for their Microsoft Teams users, providing the flexibility to meet unique business needs.

4. Security

With encrypted connectivity with Microsoft, built-in resiliency and redundancy, and 24/7 support, we ensure that your business communications are always secure.

This is just the beginning. With Exotel and Microsoft joining forces, we’re making strides towards a future where communication is more efficient, effective, and effortless. 

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