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How to Set Up your Bulk SMS Service?

  • September 9, 2022
  • 5 mins read

Bulk SMS is a form of marketing that has been used for years and remains the most successful way to reach customers and improve maintenance and operational changes. 

Sending Bulk SMSes is a compelling service that your business can use to ensure that you send fast and direct SMS messages to customers worldwide.

It delivers bulk text messages to a user’s mobile phone and enables businesses to communicate with their customers wherever they are. Whether you’re running contests, marketing campaigns, employee alerts, promotions, or events, bulk messages are the perfect platform for sending bulk messages in one go.

Why is Bulk Messaging Important?

Most people read an SMS within seconds, which means it’s more likely to be readable when received.

Bulk messaging is a targeted communication platform that can help you build customer memory, promote your products and services, and send push notifications to your target audience. It provides a measurable return on investment as long as the message is personal, provides value, and contains a clear call to action. However, sending spam messages without your customer’s consent can damage your company’s reputation.

SMS messaging is also designed so that you can send and receive messages from any website or service to any contact number in the world using an application programming interface. And with research, companies can create more targeted campaigns.

If you’re looking for a reliable SMS provider, choose wisely to connect with your audience instantly. A robust gateway, affordable prices, and faster delivery can help you stay ahead of the competition and easily communicate with your customers.

What are the Things to Remember while Choosing the Bulk SMS Service?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a Bulk SMS service:

1. Service Fee

Your service should be in the low-cost range, so this will be your primary use. It is enough if the service fits your budget.

2. Prerequisite

Instead of just investing in software, consider what Bulk SMS is and how effective it can be for your business.

3. Network Coverage

This is another important aspect to consider, as the SMS service must be able to reach people in a particular geographic location successfully. You should also consider the quality of your network to avoid any technical issues that may arise while using the service.

4. Payment Selection

Bulk SMS service has different payment methods to adapt to changes. Therefore, you need to make the right decision without affecting the total cost of your business.

Key Benefits of Bulk SMS Service

1. Targeting Promotions

Businesses need to deliver marketing messages at the right time. Bulk SMS allows companies to communicate simultaneously with prospects and customers in real-time irrespective of geography and demographic factors.

2. High Open Rate

SMS marketing is one of the fastest ways to reach the largest audience in the first few minutes. On average, 98% of all SMS messages are opened and read within seconds of delivery. Comparing this to the open rate of email senders, commercial SMS marketing appears to be a more successful marketing option. You can take SMS marketing to get higher click-through rates and more engagement.

3. High Conversion Rate

The better your message fits each customer’s demographics and buying behavior, the more likely it is to drive change. Businesses can easily engage with their customers and encourage them to take action with clear yet compelling messages. Texting via SMS is more direct and rewarding when you want people to click a link or sign up for something.

4. Broad Appeal

SMS marketing has more than 4.77 billion mobile users worldwide. Any message, be it promotional, transactional, or bulk SMS, can reach a certain percentage of people daily. Bulk SMS marketing also increases the likelihood of your SMS messages being read and responded to quickly. Therefore, SMS marketing is essential to developing your company’s unified omnichannel marketing strategy.

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5. Customer Convenience

Have you noticed that e-commerce companies use timely SMS notifications to notify customers of pending orders and recent purchases? Companies prefer SMS marketing because of its benefits to both parties. Businesses can lower their customer service costs, and people find it helpful to quickly access all the important details via SMS.

Why are Businesses Using this Bulk SMS Service?

Companies have many users and customers who need specific information quickly. Whether it’s a reminder, a warning, or a message, all of these businesses need a well-organized way to deliver those messages to their informed audience.

Even small businesses can and should use this service. Email marketing is considered one of the most successful ways to reach people, but very few emails are read. The same risks apply to SMS marketing, but it’s worth taking the risk as messages are sent directly to users’ devices, which are heavily locked down and don’t need to open the internet to read them.

While you can open and read most text messages, this method of communication is best when you want to engage with consumers and stick to your plan. Mass messaging is the perfect platform to run fun mobile marketing campaigns. Not only can you generate additional income, but you can also help people remember and connect with your brand.

How can I use Bulk SMS Gateway for my business?

Here are examples of how to use Bulk SMS service to improve customer communication.

  • Send Reminders: Today’s consumers are always on the go and need fast, reliable, and secure information from the businesses and services they connect to. Sending quick reminders can improve customers’ perception of your business.
  • SMS marketing increases sales by promoting new products and services directly through SMS.
  • Educate Your Customers: Educate your loyal customers and make them feel important.

How can I send a Bulk SMS?

Here are some steps that you should follow to send bulk SMS to customers or businesses:

1. Expand your Audience

First, you need a contact list that explicitly includes the recipients you can send your message to. Then, grow your list of SMS subscribers by placing a feature form on your website or encouraging visitors and customers to text a keyword to your mobile number or shortcode. Start expanding. You can also send a double-select message to confirm your subscription and ensure only interested users are on your list.

2. Find a SMS Service Provider

Next, you need to find an SMS service provider who can help you send bulk SMS messages. A programmable messaging API makes sending SMS messages to anyone on your list easy. Send messages quickly, and customise a powerful library of documents, sample code, and developer tools to build exactly what you need quickly. Experts also support global and carrier regulations so you can focus on reaching your customers and creating the perfect bulk SMS message.

3. Get a Short Code

If you use an extended code to send more than a few hundred messages a day, your messages may end up in your spam folder. This can be a problem when trying to send a large number of SMS messages. In contrast, high-capacity shortcodes are carrier-verified and not subject to carrier disclosure, which reduces the size of SMS/MMS messages.

4. Build your Message

Once you’ve found your bulk SMS service provider and received your shortcode, you’re almost ready to send. Choose a recipient and compose your message. This part works easily, but don’t rush it. Every SMS you send needs to be meaningful and add value to keep your subscribers engaged and loyal to your brand.

5. Send Message

Finally, deliver your message to the world. As you may have guessed, your SMS content consists of the full-text message or media content you want to send to your prospects or customers. With all this information, you can click send, sit back, watch your message go on hold, and start tracking its performance.


Bulk SMS marketing is an excellent way for businesses to target and convert potential customers while keeping in touch with existing customers. Of course, there are alternatives like social media or email marketing, but SMS marketing is a few steps ahead. 

With its superior retention rate, customer-centric approach, and potential to improve conversions, businesses will significantly increase their reach and revenue with mass SMS marketing.

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