Exotel’s remote-ready phone system is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their communication needs effortlessly. Easily adapt to changes in your business while maintaining consistent sales conversions and seamless

Deliver Exceptional Customer Service without Breaking the Bank

Provide an exceptional customer experience with limited resources as a small business or startup

Limited resources can significantly challenge small businesses and lead to compromises in various areas.

Exotel provides a better customer experience from beginning to end, a phone system that is easy to use but powerful enough to grow with your business. Get enterprise- sized features without the enterprise-sized price tag.

A cloud phone system can alleviate this pain point by enabling small businesses to deliver a high-quality customer experience without stretching their limited resources.

How can cloud-based phone systems provide a more cost-effective solution?

Cloud-based phone systems eliminate the need for expensive hardware and maintenance costs. Instead, the phone system is hosted on the cloud and accessed through the internet, which reduces operational expenses.

Don’t Wait! Set up your system in minutes and never drop a call again.

How Exotel’s Phone System Works?

Customer facing number

Have a single number that your customers can reach out to you on. This number needs to be easy to remember and used in all your collaterals.

Get a virtual number

Get a virtual number (Exophone) from Exotel. Divert calls from your customer-facing number to your virtual number.

Personalize the call flow in the dashboard

Improve your caller experience by creating an IVR greeting and customizing the call flow.

Divert calls to the right agents

Calls can be routed to the right agents with our automatic call distributor feature.

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What You Get With Small Business
Phone System?

Smart IVR

Give your customers a seamless experience every time they call you. Enhance your caller experience with an easy-to-use IVR solution and Manage all your business calls seamlessly with our comprehensive telephony suite.

Auto Dialer

Streamline your calling process with our auto dialer software. Boost your business communication, increase agent productivity & eliminate manual number dialing, and get more done in less time.

Automated Calls & SMS

Make automated IVR calls to track marketing ROI, collect customer feedback, and confirm COD orders

Call Analytics

Get detailed analytics on all the campaigns you run with information on the status of each call and SMS.

Call Recording

Record your customer calls and monitor them for better customer dispute resolution. Make data-driven decisions to offer a great customer experience.

Conditional Call Routing

Route your customer calls based on conditions like the time of the day, the geography of the customer, or for the repeat callers.

Live Call Transfer

Transfer calls to the right agents contextually and instantly with a click of a button.

Missed Call Services

Ask your clients to give a missed call to a number and customize the response to suit your business needs. Use our missed call services to expand your business.

Unlimited Channels

With Exotel, you get the facility to make or receive unlimited concurrent calls on the same number. Never miss even a single call from your customers.


Efficiently manage your customer
calls and enhance your brand image


Adapt to the changing needs of your business, with pay-as-you-go pricing.

No need for infrastructure investment

Exotel provides everything needed to get started with just a phone.


Uptime of 99.5%, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about call drops or disruptions.


User-friendly interface means that no technician is required for setup and call flow can be configured in just minutes.


Agents can work from home seamlessly, making it easy to adapt to remote work arrangements.

Enhance your customer satisfaction, while staying within your budget

Optimize your business by empowering them to manage customer calls efficiently. With features like IVR and call routing, Exotel improves customer experience, boosts brand image, and keeps customers connected with your business. The best part is Exotel offers many advanced features:

  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up at no extra cost
  • Scale up as you grow your business

Hang up on traditional phone line communication and welcome the future of business communications with Exotel.

Exotel also has attractive offers for startups that make it easier for you to leverage cloud telephony.

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