The digital age has significantly reduced our attention spans. Amidst the sea of notifications, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to grab eyeballs and keep customers engaged. Impersonal approaches to marketing, such as bombarding them with countless ads, are no longer cut.

To create a loyal user base, you must make it convenient for the audience to connect with your brand and move through different stages of their journey. You must focus on accumulating and capitalizing on the biggest currency in the CX landscape, i.e., connection. No social platform has redefined connection more than WhatsApp.

With 2 billion active users, 100 billion messages are exchanged daily on WhatsApp. WhatsApp marketing makes use of this widely adopted communication channel. It empowers you to communicate directly with your customers, one chat at a time. As most people use WhatsApp to converse with their closest ones, using it as a marketing platform can erase the emotional distance between a business and its customers. It can make customers feel like they are talking to a friend.

This blog will talk about how marketers can use WhatsApp to forge connections, spark meaningful conversations, and create brand experiences that resonate on a deeply personal level.

How Does WhatsApp Marketing Lead to Better CX?

WhatsApp is a powerful tool that can profoundly impact customer satisfaction levels. Let’s delve into how WhatsApp marketing can elevate CX and the benefits it offers.

→ Reach a Wider Audience: WhatsApp’s extensive user base spans the globe, allowing businesses to ensure their marketing promotions reach a broader audience. Moreover, WhatsApp messages have a high open rate, ensuring that your message not only lands in the inbox but also gets noticed and communicated.

→ Better Engage Customers: WhatsApp allows for incorporating multimedia content such as images, videos, GIFs, and audio files in messages, creating interactive messages that resonate emotionally with recipients.

→ Build Cost-effective Campaigns: WhatsApp communication is cost-effective, as compared to other traditional channels like print media, voice calls, etc. Moreover, it offers targeted messaging that further reduces the campaign cost by removing disinterested users from the recipient list. This enables businesses to allocate more of their budget to advertising and increase their return on investment.

→ Personalize the Marketing Communications: WhatsApp interactions provide a wealth of customer data that can be used to analyze preferences and behavior, allowing for the delivery of highly customized marketing promotions. Features like CRM integration, dynamic templates, and message tags further enhance the context of interactions.

→ Offer Faster Customer Support: With 24/7 availability, automated replies, and ‘away’ messages, WhatsApp enables businesses to meet customer needs promptly. Providing direct links to WhatsApp chat on websites or social media platforms also facilitates real-time customer support.

→ Create a Community Spirit: Group chats on WhatsApp allow businesses to build a community of customers, foster referrals, and benefit from positive word-of-mouth marketing. Loyalty programs and exclusive deals can also be offered to regular customers, further solidifying brand loyalty.

What Can You Do with WhatsApp Marketing?

After exploring the reasons for brands to invest in WhatsApp marketing, let’s discuss the various marketing strategies you can adopt to connect, serve, and grow with your audience on this platform.

→ Welcome Customers Onboard: You can use WhatsApp to initiate contact with customers by sending welcome messages along with OTPs for authentication. You can also create an e-commerce storefront to introduce customers to your products and services.

→ Allow Customers to Order Conveniently: WhatsApp can facilitate end-to-end customer journeys, enabling customers to not only place orders but also make payments within the app. As they don’t have to shift to another app, their shopping experience becomes more convenient.

→ Update Customers on Orders and Stock Movements: An important component of a positive CX is providing customers with certainty to avoid any unnecessary anxiety. You can use WhatsApp to keep customers informed about their orders, new product announcements, and stock availability. At the same time, if you are a service-based business, WhatsApp can be used to send appointment reminders and reduce no-shows.

→ Re-engage Customers: Customers have multiple options in the market for a single product. They may browse through all the available brands before making any decision. However, they may forget about your brand in this process. It is thus crucial to reach out to them at regular intervals. Luckily, you can use WhatsApp to send abandoned cart notifications to customers as a reminder of their interest in your offerings, increasing the likelihood of their return.

→ Attract Customers with Discount Coupons: Discounts are a popular means to attract customers and stand out from competitors by creating a price advantage. You can broadcast discount coupons and other promotional information about upcoming sales through WhatsApp.

→ Collect Feedback and Solve Queries: Whatsapp can help you collect and study customer opinions through surveys and polls. You can use the results to make the required changes to your campaigns. You can also identify customer pain points. By solving their queries, you can improve their experience and retain them.

→ Run Contests to Keep Customers Hooked: Gamification is an effective strategy to make business-customer interactions more interesting. You can use WhatsApp to run contests that engage customers and generate excitement around your brand.

→ Tracking and Analyzing WhatsApp Campaigns: Evaluate campaign effectiveness by monitoring metrics such as audience reach, open rates, and click-through rates, helping you make informed decisions about campaign continuation.

→ Deliver Helpful Content and Recommendations: You can demonstrate value beyond product sales by delivering useful content and recommendations via WhatsApp. For instance, brands like Maggi share recipes and tips with their customers on WhatsApp.

How Can Exotel Assist You?

Exotel’s WhatsApp marketing helps businesses run successful marketing campaigns and drive conversions. Our personalized solutions offer benefits such as:

» Improving the return on investment with automated campaigns

» Generating more leads through click-to-WhatsApp ad campaigns

» Delivering targeted offers based on insightful product quizzes

» Cultivating long-lasting customer relationships with hyper-personalized interactions

» Providing instant support through WhatsApp chatbots and on-demand live agent chat

Exotel’s one-stop platform can thus supercharge your bulk WhatsApp marketing efforts and help you gain a competitive advantage in terms of superior customer experience.

Summing Up

In a world where capturing the audience’s attention and nurturing lasting relationships is vital, bulk WhatsApp marketing software has emerged as the key to unlocking this potential. It offers businesses a direct and personalized avenue to connect with customers. By intelligently harnessing WhatsApp’s features, brands can transcend traditional marketing boundaries and create experiences that genuinely resonate.

Shambhavi Sinha

Shambhavi Sinha is an SEO expert at Exotel with a passion for writing about technology. With a keen interest in the latest trends in contact centers and artificial intelligence, Shambhavi aims to empower users by sharing insightful and up-to-date knowledge. Her expertise in SEO and her dedication to educating her audience make her a valuable resource for anyone looking to stay informed about the evolving landscape of tech in customer service and beyond.

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