WhatsApp offers businesses a direct and convenient communication channel with customers. Leveraging its status as a widely used messaging platform, it empowers businesses to engage with customers on an app they are already familiar with. This helps increase the likelihood of response and engagement. However, despite these benefits, some organizations doubt adopting WhatsApp due to its traditional association with interpersonal communication.

Recognizing these concerns, WhatsApp provides two options that are tailor-made to meet unique business needs and customer communication objectives. These tools, namely the WhatsApp Business app and the WhatsApp Business platform, allow businesses to save time and effort by managing customer queries.

WhatsApp can be a valuable tool for businesses to strengthen their customer relationships and foster growth. Join us as we explore some WhatsApp Business statistics that further demonstrate the popularity of this platform.

WhatsApp for Business Statistics

Exotel’s WhatsApp stack is helping 7000+ businesses worldwide drive customer engagement #LikeAFriend. Let’s dive into the statistics demonstrating WhatsApp’s utility across business functions such as marketing, customer support, and sales.

WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp empowers businesses to send updates, promotions and offers to a large group of customers for marketing success. Moreover, businesses can receive insights and analytics on message metrics, enabling them to gauge the campaign’s effectiveness. 

» Open Rate

One of the most crucial WhatsApp for business statistics to consider is the open rate of WhatsApp messages. Every business invests time and money in creating marketing campaigns. The ultimate aim is to inform the audience about their products. All such efforts get wasted if the messages end up in customers’ inboxes, but they don’t open them.

Luckily, in terms of communication effectiveness, WhatsApp boasts a 98% open rate for messages. This high rate sets it apart from traditional channels like emails and SMS, which register comparatively lower open rates of 21.33%

» Click-through & Conversion Rate

Additionally, marketing messages on WhatsApp enjoy a click-through rate of around 15%, showcasing users’ willingness to interact with promotional content. Such engagement translates into an anticipated 5% conversion rate through WhatsApp marketing efforts. The high click-through and conversion rates help build genuine connections with customers and lead to higher revenue for the business. 

WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp chatbots help automate customer interactions, offering 24/7 availability, scalability, quick responses, multilingual support, and analytics for improved customer support and operational efficiency.

» Savings

WhatsApp’s efficiency and utility extend beyond communication alone. Incorporating The incorporation of WhatsApp chatbots has generated significant savings, amounting to a substantial $11 billion. Furthermore, these chatbots have collectively saved users 2.5 billion hours due to the streamlining of customer interactions and support services.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a specialized communication platform for businesses, providing features like a verified business profile, quick replies, automated greeting messages, labels for organizing conversations, and business messaging statistics. It enables companies to create a professional presence on WhatsApp and improve sales.

» User Base

WhatsApp, since its inception in 2009, has garnered an extraordinary reach. Further, the launch of WhatsApp Business in 2018 was a strategic move. The impressive adoption by over 50 million businesses reflects the app’s significance as a communication tool for enterprises.

» User Behavior

In June 2023, WhatsApp emerged as the most downloaded mobile messenger app, with approximately 46 million downloads worldwide. The sheer volume of messages exchanged on WhatsApp is staggering, exceeding 100 billion daily. Moreover, users are deeply engaged with this platform. On average, they spend about 17.3 hours per month on the app. A striking 50% of WhatsApp users access the app daily, showcasing its integral role in daily interactions.

» Revenue Generated

In the year 2022, WhatsApp Business reportedly garnered substantial revenues, surpassing the $330 million mark. This underscores the robust financial performance of WhatsApp Business and highlights its popularity.

Summing Up

WhatsApp’s journey from its inception to becoming a global communication giant is marked by its exponential user growth and unparalleled engagement rates. Its ability to transcend demographic boundaries and facilitate diverse forms of communication makes it an essential component of a brand’s CX strategy. 

The above WhatsApp Business statistics make a strong case in favor of adopting it to engage with customers. Do you also want your business to benefit from the myriad benefits WhatsApp Business brings? Build customized WhatsApp solutions with Exotel’s 360° WhatsApp Product Suite and schedule a demo with us.

Shambhavi Sinha

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