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    As an enterprise sending hundreds of SMSes each month, writing them can be both time consuming and overwhelming. In this blog post, we bring help.

    Based on our experience working with some of the largest enterprises across industries, we’ve curated free SMS templates that work.

    What is the standard SMS writing format?

    A standard SMS contains 160 characters of alphabets, numbers, special characters, and even emojis. Every 160 characters is a single SMS.

    If your message exceeds this limit, they are delivered in parts and each 160 character message is charged as an additional SMS. The recipient, however, receives this as a single message. Typically SMSes are sent in English, but you can also send them in other Indian languages.

    SMS templates for teams

    Within your company, your different teams need to send out SMSes for various purposes. Having templates in place for these situations can help increase the efficiency of the team’s communication process. We have some free SMS templates that you can try out for each team below.

    SMS templates for marketing

    Be it flash sales, product releases, or seasonal offers, marketing uses SMSes in a variety of instances. These messages need to attract your customer’s attention as well as encourage them to take action. Here are some examples of how to do it:

    Example 1

    Birthday offer 

    (Recipient name), Happy Birthday! Celebrate your birthday with us and avail a 2-for-1 special offer on all purchases at our store! To opt-out text (Keyword) to 80945.

    Example 2

    Sale announcement 

    The great Indian sale is on! Buy any product on (brand name) and avail upto 80% off. Additional 5% for (brand name) loyalty card holders. Hurry! To opt-out text (Keyword) to 56745.”

    SMS templates for sales

    Sales don’t happen on the first contact. Today, businesses engage customers over an extended period of time with messages at each step of the sales funnel. Here are some free SMS templates you can use for it.

    Example  1

    Free trial invitation 

    Hi (name), start your free trial of (product name) now. No credit cards or contracts needed! Click here to get started (link)”

    Example 2

    Discount notification 

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly! This Christmas, enjoy an extra 15% off furniture and home furnishings all month long. Shop now: (Website link)

    SMS templates for customer service

    When customers raise a complaint, they want to be appraised of its status. Based on the number of steps in your ticket resolution process, you can build a repository of templates. Some examples below.

    Example 1

    Order refund 

    Hello, (name), refund of Rs. (Amount) for (Product name) from (company name) has been initiated. It will take 5-7 to be credited to your account. For more details, feel free to call us on (contact number).

    Example 2

    Feedback request 

    Hello, (name)! This is (Agent name) from (Company name). Please take a moment to give us your feedback on today’s call so we can serve you better the next time: (feedback link).

    SMS templates for operations

    After the sale takes place, operation kicks in. Be it delivery fulfilment or fixing glitches faced by your customers, ensure that your operations runs smoothly with regular, timely and thoughtful SMSes such as:

    Example 1

    Delivery tracking  

    Hi (name), your order (order number) for (product name) is out for delivery. You can track status at (tracker link). — Team (Company name)

    Example 2

    Security message 

    (Name), there was an unrecognised login attempt in your account from (location). If it was you, you can ignore this message. If not, reset your password now.

    Common SMS templates

    Here are some other commonly used SMS templates for various aspects of your business.

    Transactional SMS template

    Transactional messages are those that are triggered by the customer’s actions. For instance, if someone places an order, they get a confirmation. Or if a customer requests an OTP, they receive it. Here are some templates for transactional SMSes.

    Example 1

    Welcome message 

    Welcome aboard the (company name) family, (name)! Thank you for creating an account with us. You can access it here at any time (Website link)”

    Example 2

    Shipping update

    Hi (name). Good things are on their way: your order was just shipped! You can expect it in 3-5 days. – (Company name).

    Promotional SMS template

    Unlike transactional SMSes that are sent to individuals one at a time, promotional SMSes are sent in bulk to boost sales and engagement. So, make sure to personalise them and include a specific and attractive call-to-action.

    Example 1

    New product launch 

    Hi (name), the wait is finally over! Our limited-edition speakers are out. Get your hands on them now and get free next-day delivery: (Website link)

    Example 2

    Early access

    “Hi (name). Want early access to our new launches all year round? Join our (Company name) VIP club! No cost to sign-up, text ‘STOP’ to opt-out.

    Payment reminder SMS template

    People tend to forget payments. A simple SMS can remind them of their dues and increase collections significantly. Write your message clearly and persuasively, without ticking them off. Here are a few examples.

    Example 1

    Outstanding payment reminder

    “Hi ( name), you have an outstanding payment of (Amount) since (Date). Pay before (final due date) to continue using our services.  — (Company name).”

    Example 2

    Loan payment reminder 

    “Hello, (Recipient name)! Your next EMI for home loan account (number) is due in [days left]. Pay on or before (due date) at: (Website link).”

    OTP SMS template

    From logging into bank accounts to accepting e-commerce delivery, OTPs have become a simple and secure way to ensure security. Send OTP messages that are clear and easily understood by all your users. Here are some examples.

    Example 1 

    OTP for login 

    Dear customer, use this One Time Password (Number) to log in to your (Company name) account. This OTP will be valid for the next 5 mins.”

    Example 2

    OTP for password resetting 

    Dear customer, the one time password (OTP) to reset your password at (product name) is (Number). This OTP will expire in 5 minutes.

    Registration SMS template

    Offering your customers the right support while onboarding them is essential in creating a good first impression. With SMSes, you can instantly welcome them, give instructions on the steps to be followed, and open up opportunities for interactions or queries if necessary. Here are some examples:

    Example 1

    Registration for membership 

    “Dear customer, you can register with (Company name) to become part of our ‘VIP Club’ by clicking on this link (Registration link). Your default password is (Password). You can change it by initiating a mail to (Email address). Welcome aboard!”

    Example 2

    Welcome message after registration 

    “Your account at (Company name) has been successfully created! You can log in and edit your profile at our website (Website link)”

    Booking confirmation SMS template

    Whenever a customer makes a booking, be it for travel, stay or some unique experience, they want to be instantly notified that the booking is confirmed. Here’s how you can use SMS to achieve this.

    Example 1

    Train booking confirmation 

    Dear (name), your train booking (Booking ID) is successful from (point of departure) to (point of arrival).

    Booking details

    Train: (Train name and number)

    Class: (Class type)

    PNR: (PNR number)

    Date of journey: (Date)

    Departs at: (Time)

    Status at time of booking: Confirmed

    Reservation Status: (Coach and seat number)

    To view booking details/cancel/ check status, visit (Website link)

    Example 2

    Hotel booking confirmation 

    Hello (name), your hotel booking for the Deluxe Suite at (Hotel name) is confirmed from (Date of check-in) to (Date of check-out). Our check-in time is (Time). For any assistance, please call (Phone number).

     Survey SMS template

    Customer feedback is critical to any organisation’s growth. A simple and quick way to collect feedback is through SMSes.  You can find out what your customers have to say through either a multiple-choice survey, a yes or no question, a link to a poll, or by asking them to rate your services or product. Here are some ways to do that:

    Example 1

    Multiple choice survey 

    Hi (name), hope you are loving (Product name). On a scale of 1-5, 1 being very unhappy and 5 very happy, how would you rate your experience? Please reply with your response.

    Example 2

    Survey using link 

    Hey (name), thank you for visiting us today! To help us serve you better, could you please click on this (Link) to answer one question about your experience today?


    (Company name)”

    Industry-wise SMS templates

    Every industry has its own unique needs. For instance, banks and financial institutions are legally required to send certain SMSes to their customers on a regular basis. Retail organisations tile heavily towards sales and marketing. E-commerce and logistics players might need more operational messages. In this section, we cover them all.

    SMS templates for insurance

    Insurance is often seen as a boring necessity by customers. This means that sometimes they miss out on paying premiums, updating policies etc. You can use SMSes to keep your customer updated as well as educated about their privileges. Here are some examples.

    Example 1

    Policy change update 

    Hi (name), this is a reminder that the terms of your policy, (Insurance policy) have been updated. For more, log in to your account (Website link). Thank you.

    Example 2

    Policy renewal reminder 

    Hello (name), the premium of Rs. (amount) for your insurance policy (number) is due on (Date). Please pay on time to avoid late fees. Click here to pay now (link).

    SMS templates for banking

    To tackle fraud, the Reserve Bank of India has instructed all banks to mandatorily send SMS notifications for all transactions that take place. Apart from these alerts, banking also uses SMS for updating customers on their loan applications, payment reminders, customer support, and many more. Here are a few commonly used SMS templates.

    Example 1

    Transaction message 

    Dear Customer, your a/c no. (number) is debited by (amount) on (date). UPI Ref no. (ref number). Available bal: (bal amount) -(Bank name).

    Example 2

    Credit card payment reminder

    Hi (name), payment for your credit card ending (last 4 digits) is due on (Date). The minimum due is (amount). Please pay before (date) to avoid late fees -(Bank name).

    SMS templates for eCommerce

    E-commerce players regularly engage their customers with SMS notifications on price drops, confirmations on shipping and delivery, updates on flash sales, reminders on the abandoned carts and more. We list a few SMS templates for you to use.

    Example 1

    Sale announcement

    The Great Indian Freedom Sale is now open! Discounts upto 80%. Shop for Rs. 999 and get a make up pouch free. Free shipping for orders above 2999. Stop now: (Website link)

    Example 2

    Restocked item update

    Hi (name). Good news: The product you wanted is back in stock at (Company Name)! Get yours now: (Product link) Happy shopping!

    SMS templates for healthcare

    Post-COVID, patients are looking for a lot more proactive communication from their doctors, hospitals and labs. SMSes can be an automated way to provide them with information at all times. Some of our customers have been doing it with the following messages.

    Example 1

    Medical report notification 

    Hello (name), your blood work results are ready. You can pick them up from the lab anyday from 9am-5pm. Directions to lab: (Google link) — Thank you, (lab name)

    Example 2

    Appointment reminder 

    Hi (name), this is a reminder for your appointment with (Doctor name) on (Date) at (Time). For any further queries, you can contact us on (Phone number).

    SMS templates for fintech

    Trust is a crucial factor when it comes to financial institutions and fintech. Open and transparent communication is essential in banking and for this, you need to be constantly in touch with your customers. SMS is a great medium to achieve this.

    Example 1

    Analysis ready

    Hello (name), your monthly credit card analysis report is ready on the (brand name) app. Click here to see your spending patterns: (link). 

    Example 2

    Customer service request confirmation

    Dear (name), this is to confirm that we’ve received your request. Your ticket number is (Number). One of our service reps will follow up with you within 24 hours. 

    SMS templates for Ed-tech

    With new technology being adopted in the field of education and classes being shifted to the online mode, SMS is important to stay connected with students, update them of their assignments, attendance, performance, and more. Here are some examples:

    Example 1

    Fee payment reminder 

    (School Name): Your tuition fees for the semester (Semester no.) of (Year) is due on (Date). You can pay now: (Website link)

    Example 2

    School closure notification

    (School Name): All classes for grades 1 to 12 are cancelled today on account of (Event). School will resume as per schedule tomorrow.

    Having templates ready for your business needs can significantly reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks and help establish uniformity across all your customer engagements. To know more about how to create templates and the steps to get them approved, visit Exotel’s support page or contact us today!

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