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For an early startup, investing in technology may not be the priority. But, using the right technology can make the difference between make or break. This is the reason we created a separate plan for startups. Exotel for Startups is a special account for startups that gives you access to all of Exotel’s features.

Few ways Exotel can help you in your early days

Product Market Fit

This is one of the most significant problems that an early stage startup needs to solve. Use Exotel to talk to customers, get their feedback, track these conversations and analyse them.

Custom Integration

Communication is an important aspect of any business – B2B or B2C. Integrate calls right inside anything you build – apps, websites, etc.

Gain Credibility

Even if you work out of a co-working space, ensure you sound grand to your customers. Use simple features like IVR, automated call routing, etc. to boost your startup’s image.

Server Monitoring

It is hard to predict a traffic spike in your early days. Never let your systems to go down. Setup real-time calls/SMS alerts to monitor your website and servers. In case something goes down, you will know right away.

We understand where you are

Exotel started out of a small home office with 3 employees. We understand what it is like to juggle sales, marketing, and customer support. Even with a lean team, you don’t have to compromise on customer experience. We’ve written a comprehensive e-book on all the tools that helped us through our early days. Not all of them are free, but they are all effective tools.

Tools for Early-stage Startup

A comprehensive ebook on all the tools that we used in our early days.

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