Deliver a frictionless, consistent & personalized banking experience to every customer.  Assign a lifetime go-to banking phone number to every customer and facilitate all your banking communication on 100% official communication channels.


Delivering Connected & Trusted Conversations in Banking

Is disconnected Relationship Management (RM) experience increasing your customer churn out?

Give a single go-to banking/RM phone number for a lifetime to every customer and prevent churn, irrespective of changing RMs. Customers can have a consistent experience with the bank on all the communication channels.


Do lack of control and visibility into RM-customer conversations leave you blinded?

With 100% official communication channels like Voice & WhatsApp, get complete control of every conversation happening on your bank’s behalf. All conversations are recorded and documented in the system enabling you to lead with context. 


Do your customers often mistake your bank call as spam and don’t answer them?

With RM Connect+, all your outbound calls will have your brand identity clearly visible on the calling screen. Your customers can see your bank name, logo, and purpose of the call before answering, relieving them from any fear of spam.

Nurture customer relations with frictionless,
consistent, and secure banking conversations

Give your customers a single, direct phone number to connect with your bank for a lifetime. Deliver a frictionless, consistent, simplified banking experience across voice and messaging platforms.


Take charge of your banking communication by facilitating all interactions through 100% official channels. Get complete visibility into what RMs discuss with your customers and take proactive measures to mitigate probable risks & escalations.

Give your customers reasons to trust you by providing monitored, authenticated, and secure communication from your official communication channels.

Lead your conversations with context, data, and insights

Introducing RM Connect+, the ultimate 360-degree conversation platform exclusively designed for banking institutions. Our platform revolutionizes customer-bank communication by providing dedicated lifetime phone numbers for seamless 1:1 conversations.

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What do you get in RMConnect+?

360-degree conversation platform

Send reminders, run promotional campaigns, and provide 1:1 customer support - get access to a complete communication platform that supports your sales, marketing, and support functions.


1 RM phone number for lifetime

Map your customers against a single RM phone number for a lifetime. Keep track of all their conversations on that number and access it whenever needed for training, monitoring, and conflict resolution.


Hierarchy-restricted performance dashboard

Upload your bank hierarchy into the dashboard and restrict data access to people authorized in the hierarchy that is aligned as per their geographies, roles, and security restrictions.


Agile, market-ready & highly-integrable platform

Integrate your complex banking systems seamlessly with our highly agile and market-ready platform and get started in as less as three days.

Secure & compliant conversations

Prevent any data leakage with our secure communication platform with ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS-compliant data security standards and end-to-end encryption.


The Most Trusted Connected Conversation Platform

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