Exotel Defends the Digital Identity of India Aligned to the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill 2023

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Bengaluru, 6th November 2023:

In light of the Digital Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Bill introduced by the Government of India, safeguarding phone numbers has become paramount – not just for customers but also for the employees of businesses. Every interaction, whether via phone calls or messages, be it  text, WhatsApp or any other form, poses a risk of exposing vital personal numbers. Exotel, with over a decade of trusted leadership in data privacy, is at the forefront of this arena. In alignment with the government’s enhanced data privacy directives, Exotel’s robust and proven Customer Data Privacy Solution safeguards the cornerstone of individual identity: the phone number. A testimony to Exotel’s commitment to data privacy, this solution has already garnered attention across diverse sectors including logistics, healthcare, ecommerce, consumer goods, BFSI, and retail.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, phone numbers have moved beyond identifiers for communication, to becoming integral to our identities across Govt, BFSI and many other industries. Combined with multiple recent incidents of financial fraud and identity theft, the recent implementation of the DPDP Bill 2023, the spotlight on safeguarding these identifiers has grown stronger.

Employing a strategy of anonymization, Exotel ensures actual phone numbers remain obscured during interactions. Instead of traditional direct dialing, users communicate via a proxy number, connecting securely to the intended recipient. And like any number, this communications channel between the two entities can be kept open for a defined duration. This guarantees both undeterred connectivity and unparalleled privacy via:

  • Anonymization: Guaranteeing confidentiality in every interaction.
  • Advanced Encryption: Offering top-tier protection during both data storage and transfer underlined by their ISO 27001:2013 and PCI DSS certifications.
  • Role-Based Access Control: Limiting data access to authorized  personnel only.
  • Regulatory Compliance: All of the above including protection of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and ensuring data remains strictly within the Indian borders.

Recognizing the nuances and variances of modern communication requirements, Exotel doesn't offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, it provides a spectrum of approaches to protect customer data. . Depending on your business's specific needs, call flow logic, and platform, Exotel crafts a tailor-made solution. Among the varied options are:

  • Customer Data  Privacy in CRM: Exotel's integration with the CRM systems facilitates direct management of customer engagements, enhancing efficiency and data privacy. This synergy ensures seamless operations while keeping every customer interaction confidential, thereby reducing potential data exposure risks.
  • Caller-Initiated Privacy: Callers are empowered to  control their privacy, ensuring their numbers stay concealed. Suitable for all call types, it emphasizes Exotel's flexible communication approach. By granting users this autonomy, it boosts trust and confidence..
  • Pin-Based Privacy: A  unique PIN for each interaction ensures exclusivity and privacy.. By merging phone number concealment with PIN verification, it significantly reduces fraud risks and bolsters trust among businesses and customers.

In various industries, privacy is paramount. For instance, in transportation & logistics, drivers in ride-sharing services call their riders without ever viewing the rider's actual number. In the sphere of last-mile deliveries, it's imperative to maintain communication without jeopardizing the safety and privacy of the involved parties.This emphasis on discretion extends to the  ecommerce  and online shopping and food delivery, where delivery personnel connect with customers, with neither party seeing the other's true contact details. Similarly, in the banking sector, representatives reach out to customers, ensuring that their phone numbers remain shielded throughout the conversation. This acts as a robust defense against fraud, curtailing the potential exposure of personal phone numbers to malicious entities. This protective measure enhances customer trust, as they are more inclined to communicate when assured of the security of their personal details.

Shivakumar Ganesan, Co-founder, and CEO of Exotel, emphasized the importance of data privacy, stating, "Business growth today is inextricably tied to consumer trust. And ensuring privacy is not just about meeting compliance standards but about fostering a trusted and secure environment where businesses can thrive and scale with confidence. He further added, “ Exotel stands as the guardian of more phone numbers, the new age identifiers  across the country than any other provider, delivering a robust dual shield of privacy  that's meticulously designed to protect phone numbers in both digital and voice communications. With our decade-long expertise, we've carved a unique niche in the Indian market." With the world moving towards a digital-first approach, Exotel's vision is clear: to create a sphere where every interaction amplifies trust and not risk. 

Exotel’s Customer Data Privacy Solution emerges as more than just a luxury—it's a necessity. It seamlessly blends technology with trust, ensuring that in our connected world, privacy remains paramount.

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