Send and track SMS messages programmatically using Exotel’s SMS APIs. Build the future of communication with fast, reliable, and efficient SMS APIs powering more than 1 billion SMSes a year.

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What is SMS API?

An SMS API allows you to send SMS messages using code. You can trigger messages to your customers on autopilot based on predetermined conditions. For example, the predetermined condition for payment requests trigger is sending out an OTP for verification.

The service provider, Exotel’s SMS API acts as the middleman between the trigger and the response. The API facilitates the built-in condition and its response by operating between them.


Use Cases using SMS API

Bulk SMS Campaign

Use sms broadcasting software to reach out to all your customers with personalised messaging based on your marketing requirements.

OTP Verification

Timely OTP verification SMS that helps improve the security of your business.

Appointment Reminder

Remind your customers about their appointments with automated business SMSes.

Billing & Payment

Send your customers timely and helpful payment reminder.

Survey & Feedback

Business SMS (alongwith SMS masking) is the most non-intrusive way for you to collect feedback from your customers after every interaction.

Status updates

Keep your customers updated about the status of their order, payments, deliveries, etc. via SMS.

Track and analyze customer engagement

Use short URLs to track customer engagement with conversion pages and use those insights to optimize future SMS campaigns.