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How to Leverage Call Campaigns to Automate Processes & Improve Customer Engagement

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    Phone calls are one of the most common & effective channels for business communication.

    And now, with Exotel, you can leverage the power of phone calls at scale with call campaigns. If you’re looking to:

    – Reduce customer support cost

    – Generate more leads

    – Reduce support queries

    – Increase renewals

    Call campaigns can be a reliable tool in your arsenal.

    Learn how to effectively leverage one of the most basic channels of communication – phone calls – to drive real business outcomes in this webinar.

    In this webinar, you will learn about:
    1. When to use call campaigns (vs SMS & Email campaigns)
    2. Types of call campaigns: Manual vs Automated
    3. Call campaign ideas for getting results NOW
    4. Trending industry use cases
    5. Getting started: How to set up a simple call campaign

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