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Fix Lead Leakage by Empowering your Agents with Conversational AI

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    Research shows that nearly 80% (ref) of leads that Marketing generates are never worked on by Sales, let alone turned into sales opportunities. Studies also suggest that upward of 60% of the leads coming into your funnel will buy from someone-your organization or a competitor’s-over the subsequent 24 months.

    Lead leakage is a serious issue and can cost you a lot. As your sales funnel gets bigger and wider, it’s challenging to keep leads within your grasp. In this webinar we’re going to discuss how the leaky sales funnel can be fixed by supercharging humans with conversational AI.

    In this webinar, you will learn about:

    • Top challenges that cause lead leakage
    • How to optimise sales funnels to reduce drop offs
    • How conversational AI can help
    • How a combination of your agents + Conversational AI helps solve this challenge
    • Top examples from some of the most successful Indian brands

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