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  1. Apr 4

    Was doing vrukshasana. Somebody offered steel chair. Told him will not sacrifice long term gain for short term happiness

  2. Mar 18

    The only reason happened was because it benefits millions of poor people, whom the elite want to Bus in.

  3. Mar 14

    More power to the citizens against the steel bridge. A waste of the people's money.

  4. Mar 8

    Congress in Karnataka @ it's low.. ..Attempting to malign MP who fought for Better Bengaluru..

  5. This govt avenging those who stopped them looting in . Here is new TunnelOfCorruption

  6. May 7
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    Don't givev another opportunity # LalbaghwaterfallsWasteu

  7. Apr 26
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    They will try all but won't focus on improving Public Transportation which can ease Benglr traffic! We said ,hence tunnel!

  8. Apr 10
  9. Mar 29

    I liked a video from @g_akshay97 ಬಾನಾಡಿ - A Short Film on (Slide

  10. Mar 27
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    Feeling unhappy?

  11. Mar 24
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    Bangalore has lost a key infra project with , but it has gained a new regional party! P&L account can be written later!

  12. Mar 24

    . has just proved what we had been saying all through campaign - that this tamasha was just a front for politics.

  13. Mar 24
  14. group finally announce their political aspirations! Proved yet again was excuse to promote themselves!

  15. Mar 20
  16. Mar 20
  17. Mar 20
  18. Mar 19
  19. Mar 18
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    Steel Flyover on two national highways will benefit millions of people. But Koramangala is where financier lives. So ...

  20. Mar 13

    & courts come a little late to this party. needs to be more agile!

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