Exotel Values

The 5 Commandments of the Gaulish Town

Behind each well-executed call-campaign, each perfect webpage, each successfully delivered SMS, there are people working non-stop to make it happen. Just like a duck swimming, these accomplishments may look smooth on the surface but underneath it all, we’re paddling like there’s no tomorrow.

The glue that holds Exotel together

If we all paddle in different directions, we’ll get nowhere. So, we have to make sure we’re working towards the same goal. To ensure that each Gaul is marching towards glory, we have come up with five commandments – these help us prioritise what’s truly important and make sure that we’re all making decisions that take us one step closer to the company’s goals.

The chicken is involved but the pig is committed

Honour your commitments to your team, your manager, and our customers.

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Stay true

Do the right thing, even when no one’s watching.

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Trust sings both ways

Trust others to do their job and make sure you do yours.

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Find your doosra

Nurture those innovative ideas regardless of the outcome.

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Settle for excellence

Aim for a balance between “perfect” and “done”.

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First Commandment
The Chicken is Involved but the Pig is Committed


In a bacon and egg breakfast, the chicken is involved but the pig is committed. The chicken delivers the egg and goes on about its day as usual. But the pig is committed to it – there is no plan B for it. By this, we don’t mean for one to literally sacrifice their life for Exotel. Rather, we mean for Gauls to honour their commitments on a day-to-day basis.


By working at Exotel, each Gaul automatically commits to the long-term vision of Exotel: delivering the best customer communication technology to companies. But on a day-to-day basis, this commitment translates to honouring our promises to our managers, our teammates, and our customers.



While we are free to not take up a task, once we do take it up, we have to commit to finishing it. When we are committed, we automatically assume responsibility and we give our best to crossing the finish line. With our commitment, we build copious amounts of reassurance in the minds of people around us, which ultimately benefits us.

Second Commandment
Stay True

Having integrity means doing the right thing even when no one is watching. It means having strong professional principles and being empathetically honest. Integrity is at the heart of why Exotel reports platform downtimes as & when they happen. We refuse to send a wrong bill to the customers.

Integrity is what drives us to maintain the sanctity of our databases and to look for the accuracy of our customer reports. We know that we don’t have the option of “covering up” our hiccups by lying, so we find ways to fix problems. This eventually makes us better and helps move the company forward.

Third Commandment
Trust Sings Both Ways

In any relationship, the required amount of communication is inversely proportional to the level of trust. With trust, we can reduce the number of meetings required and the extent to which others argue with us. This is also a direct result of following the first two commandments – if we all work towards being honest and honouring our commitments, people will automatically trust us.

Trust increases the propensity of decision making and improves our ability to move forward faster. As an organization grows, communication becomes it’s the biggest challenge. Trusted communication, then, becomes our biggest growth opportunity.

Fourth Commandment
Find Your Doosra

Innovative ideas fail far more than they succeed. They are, in fact, controversial before they succeed. If everyone could understand them instantly, they won’t be innovative. It takes time for an unconventional thought to mature. So, we want to nurture those ideas. It’s ok for us to come up with an idea that might be wrong or might fail.

We want to create an atmosphere where ideas are allowed to prosper since we are in an industry that demands it. We are always looking to find our doosras. For customers, disruption may result in cost savings. Due to our innovation, Exotel might be able to build tremendous value for all stakeholders.

Fifth Commandment
Settle for Excellence

Just before checking the code in, we ensure that the indentation is proper. Before going to the customer meeting, we put on the nicest shoes that we’ve got. We collect CSAT on tickets, measure net promoter score, and ask for peer reviews because we want to seek feedback on the quality of our output.

If excellence comes at the cost of a deadline promised to the customer then we question it. Excellence does not mean being extra cautious, being risk-averse or being demanding of others. We point our pursuit for excellence inwards. Excellence shows that we care. We settle for excellence in our work – because that’s what we expect from others when we are a customer, a shareholder or a manager.