Exotel Values

The 5 Commandments of the Gaulish Town


Behind each well-executed call-campaign, each perfect webpage, each successfully delivered SMS, there are people working non-stop to make it happen. Just like a duck swimming, these accomplishments may look smooth on the surface but underneath it all, we’re paddling like there’s no tomorrow.

The glue that holds Exotel together

If we all paddle in different directions, we’ll get nowhere. So, we have to make sure we’re working towards the same goal. To ensure that each Gaul is marching towards glory, we have come up with five commandments – these help us prioritise what’s truly important and make sure that we’re all making decisions that take us one step closer to the company’s goals.



We are for our customers. We are for our customer’s customer.


Our customers are the centre of our being. Our purpose is aligned to their purpose – to delight and hold every customer of theirs in thrall. We relentlessly push the boundaries of technology to helps our customers gain unprecedented levels of understanding their customers.
Our innovations also help our customers engage their customers frictionlessly, effortlessly and delightfully, on scale – across every platform which their customers are on.



Outcome over Output . We are for results.


We do not measure the amount of work we do. We believe in delivering outcomes that are significant and transformational. We believe the sanctity of the effort lies in the effect it has on delivering spectacular results.

We therefore do not get sidetracked by list of items produced but are focussed on what results they produce. We have a very healthy disregard for superficial efforts and thinking.



Build Bridges. We are all in.


We operate from a place of generosity to ourselves, our colleagues and all the people we interact with during our work. We celebrate our diversity. We are each other’s best allies, so we seek and give help freely. Everything we do results from our shared ideas, synergized minds and collaborative efforts.

We find space for ourselves and allow others to be in their own space. Yet, we are not indifferent but connected in our shared journeys.




The chicken is involved but the pig is committed.


We are committed to our goals aligned with the organization goals. We go deep. We go far. We give our best. We give what it takes. We are all custodians of our collective promise to ourselves, our teams, our customers, and our stakeholders.

We don’t let our words be different from our actions. We take responsibility and build copious amounts of reassurance in the minds of people around us.


#Stay True


We live true to ourselves and to the world. Because we are in it for the long haul.


We always do the right things, even when no one is watching. We are always congruent in what we speak and how we act. We value honesty, transparency and ownership of actions.

We know that we don’t have the option of “covering up” our hiccups by lying, so we find ways to fix problems and we will set impeccable standards of our conduct and behavior.