Use Generative AI to Transform Conversational AI Solutions: Gartner® Report

Discover the power of Generative AI (GenAI) in transforming Conversational AI solutions. Experience the future of user interaction, where advanced AI technologies merge to create more intelligent, dynamic, and intuitive conversational experiences.

According to Gartner®, by 2025, AI avatars leveraging text-to-video GenAI technology will support 70% of digital and marketing communications, up from less than 1% in 2022.


    • Enhanced User Experiences: GenAI takes  Conversational AI to new heights, offering sophisticated, human-like interactions. Prepare for a world where voice becomes the primary interface, revolutionizing user-software dynamics.
    • Strategic Business Transformation: Unleash new possibilities in sales, marketing, recruitment, and healthcare with AI avatars and advanced Virtual Assistants (VAs). Elevate your operational efficiency and customer engagement to new levels.
    • Cutting-Edge Combinatorial Innovation: GenAI represents the pinnacle of combinatorial AI innovation, combining foundation models, prompt engineering, and responsible AI to unlock unparalleled capabilities in Conversational AI solutions.

    Key Benefits for Your Business

    • Stay Ahead of Trends: Position your business at the forefront of AI innovation, ready to leverage emerging opportunities.
    • Drive Revenue Growth: Utilize advanced VAs and AI avatars to enhance marketing communications and sales strategies, leading to increased conversion rates.
    • Improve Decision-Making: Integrate real-time decision support and predictive analytics into your software, enhancing strategic business decisions.

    Get ready to experience the most advanced Conversational AI solutions powered by GenAI. Revolutionize your business conversations and decision-making processes.



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