Resources – Ebook

Cloud Telephony in a Nutshell

If you’re unclear about how cloud telephony can help your business, start here. In this ebook, we talk about the various options businesses are faced when they consider using cloud telephony for their business.

Remote work guide sales team support teams

Remote Working Guide

Despite its many benefits, working remotely can be especially challenging for customer-facing teams. Transitioning your support and sales team to a remote working architecture can be a nightmare without the right tools and strategy. We understand that and that’s why we’ve come up with an ebook that’ll help you make the transition easy!

Tools for Early Stage Startups

When you’re running an early-stage startup, the important problems need to get solved first. In this ebook, we tell you about some of our best hacks, biggest failures and what we learned in the process.

Setting up a Simple Call Centre

One of the most common questions we get asked by our customers is – how can I set up a simple call center? Is cloud telephony my best bet? How long will it take & how much does it cost? We answered these questions in detail in this ebook.

Exhaustive guide on 2 factor authentication

From SMS OTP, to OTP over call, to email OTP, to no OTP at all! We show how 2FA evolved over time.

Hiring for Startups

It took us about 2 years to grow from a team of 4 to 40 people. This ebook is a collection of our learnings. It includes some specific tips and tricks that worked for us during those 2 years.

Cloud Telephony for Educational Institutions

How Educational Institutions can Streamline their Operations & the Remote Learning Experience using Cloud Telephony.

Cloud Telephony for BFSI

During the lockdown, a lot of organisations have realised that moving to cloud telephony has more benefits than just enabling remote work. This ebook offers an insight into how cloud telephony helps solve some of the most common problems faced by customer-facing teams in BFSI.