App to app calling for business


In-App Voice Calls

Deliver a better in-app calling experience to your users with seamless telco call (PSTN) fallbacks. Built specially for one-to-one calling, our Android/iOS SDKs are lightweight and deliver better audio quality.

Exotel App-to-App-Calling

What can you do with In-App Calls?

App-to-app calls, app-to-PSTN calls, or PSTN-to-app calls, you can do it all with Exotel! You can even trigger one-way automated voice calls right to the app (e.g. notifications, alerts, reminders, bulk campaigns). Exotel’s UL VNO license enables you to intermix IP-PSTN calls.

Who can use App to App calling?

Here’s how in-app calling can be used by different industries


Delivery apps

Connect deliver agents – food, grocery, or 3PL – with your customers

Ride aggregators

Enable hassle-free driver and rider calls right within the app

Expert platforms

Power 2-way calls between your customers and experts – coaches, tutors, fitness/health consultants, astrologers, dieticians, and more!


Connect buyers and sellers or peers using the app

Society management

Let your residents, security personnel, and sellers quickly call each other

Financial institutions

Create personalised banking experiences by leveraging in-app calling

Hiring platforms

Track recruiter & applicant conversations from inside the app


Connect doctors and patients without worrying about the privacy of the conversations

Dating apps

Keep conversations private and within the app

Real Estate

Easily connect buyers & sellers, home owners & renters


Use Cases

App to app calling

Enable voice calling right from your app. Built for delivery apps, ride aggregation apps, marketplace, real estate society management apps and more!

Single leg IVR call

Build custom IVR call flows and routing sequences to your In-App call campaigns to send voice alerts, notifications, reminders and follow-ups.

App and PSTN intermixed calls

Provide PSTN fallback for App-to-App calls. Depending on the callee’s network, seamlessly switch to App-to-PSTN. Allow the caller to initiate the first leg of “In-App” calls from PSTN as needed.

Why our SDK is a perfect fit for your application


Easy Integration

Build with lightweight SDKs, well documented APIs, and a team that will ensure a quick and successful deployment.


Better Audio

Tested across multiple devices and network conditions, our platform consistently delivers superior latency and jitter metrics.


Add Applets

Seamlessly integrate Exotel’s call routing, flows, and IVR based greetings to your VoIP calls and campaigns.


Battery Friendly

Our SDK activates only during an incoming/outgoing call.

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How does this help a business?


Lower Call Costs

Cut down your call costs significantly by switching from PSTN to VoIP calls.

Higher Engagement

Remove friction and enable contextual calling right from your app. Deliver customized dialer screen with your own branding and call context.

Secure and Private

Every interaction is encrypted and all the sessions are secure. Customer information remains safe and private. Built with an enterprise first focus.



Since all the conversations are contained within the app, they can easily be tracked for all business purposes.

Asia’s most innovative companies use Exotel

Chirag Patel

Exotel's API documentation and implementation process is extremely simple and easy to follow. There were no hassles in setting it up. We use other cloud telephony platforms as well but Exotel gets a big thumbs-up from us for their ease of use.

Engineering Manager, 1mg

Shashank ND

We have worked across cloud telephony players and with other vendors, but the fact is Exotel is dependable.

Co-Founder & CEO, Practo

Prateek Jain

The number masking feature has been a very worthy addition to making our customer experience even better.

Former Associate Director - Driver Experience, Olacabs

Kumar Vinod

We used to use a traditional PBX system before. But that doesn’t have the capabilities of Exotel’s IVR system. So, we decided to use Exotel for our IVR cancellation system.

Senior Manager - Operations, redBus


Exotel's automated calls have helped in increasing our service levels and reducing our costs since there is no need for any manual intervention.

Senior Manager - Operations and Strategy

Praveen Kumar

Exotel's APIs are very clearly defined. Our tech team could integrate them in no time. It’s easy to incorporate into any product.

Assistant Vice President, Quikr Services

Ranjana DK

An excellent, user friendly and cost effective platform. Automations make it very easy for the caller and receiver to interact efficiently. We are truly glad to have moved to Exotel.

Sales and Marketing Manager, T0rq03 Sports & Adventures

Satish Chugh

Very supportive and understanding staff who have lived up to every expectation, and at times exceeded them too.

Senior Manager- Last Mile Design, Ekart


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The Exotel Advantage

Superior Quality

Best success rates, voice quality and reduced latency

Scale at Ease

Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure

Superior Reliability

Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes

Best Support

18×7 customer support via phone, email and Twitter

Simple to implement

Sign up and get started in less than 30 minutes, integrate easily using our REST APIs

Extensive Reporting

Easy to understand, detailed reports sent every day