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Automatic Call Distribution System (ACD)

Direct your customer calls to the most suitable agent with our automated call distribution software


ACD Automatic Call Distributor

What is ACD?

Automated Call Distribution software or ACD intelligently directs incoming calls to agents based on predefined conditions. Routing may depend on some business-appropriate parameters. For example, callers who have selected English as their preferred language will be redirected only to English speaking agents.

Call routing is the foundation of any call center software and is essential in streamlining customer communications.

Call routing type


Sequential routing

In sequential call routing, calls are routed to agents in a specific, predefined order. This could be based on factors such as experience, expertise, language proficiency, etc.


Same routing

In this type of call routing, calls are evenly distributed in a round-robin fashion among agents in a group. This ensures that no agent is burdened with too many calls.


Emergency routing

In emergency call routing, calls are routed to available agents, regardless of their expertise or proficiency. It is very useful in the healthcare industry.


Preferred/sticky agent routing

The caller is always connected to the agent of choice. This helps in faster troubleshooting as the agent is knowledgeable about the caller’s concerns.

Advantages of automatic call distribution system


Improve customer satisfaction

Since each call is directed to the right agent, it provides faster response times, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.


Increased productivity

Because all agents are given a call they know, productivity is increased


Faster response for priority calls

ACD ensures a faster response to calls requiring immediate action by connecting to an expert agent.


Connect agents globally

ACD helps connect globally dispersed teams by connecting callers with the agents closest to the caller’s location.

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Why Exotel?

There are several reasons why you should use Exotel’s Automated Call Distributor software:


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Best-in-class uptime of 99.94% including operator uptime


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Extensive reporting

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