Generative AI Market Approaches: Insights from Gartner Report for Tech CEOs

Generative AI is disrupting the technology landscape, paving new paths to innovation, and presenting a myriad of opportunities for Tech CEOs. As a leader, navigating this transformative wave is crucial for your business’s future relevance and growth. The latest report from Gartner®, "How Generative AI Technology Impacts Offering Strategies for Tech CEOs," shares that it is vital for Tech CEOs to understand tools that help realize the potential of generative AI, both in development and in real-world use.

    Market Insights & Key Findings: Read insights from Gartner on four distinct market approaches driven by Generative AI technology that tech CEOs can be a part of: foundation models (including large language models [LLMs]), applications, enabling tools, and custom services. The market is already witnessing many startups launching new products/services, including new business models leveraging generative AI. Outside a few large tech companies and startups in the field, most technology providers have only incremental plans yet in this potentially vast disruptive arena. 

    Recommendations: Explore why Gartner recommends to invest in developing your own offering or partner with LLM providers leveraging their API services by first identifying which, if any, of the four generative AI market approaches best suit you.  

    Envision your offerings 18 to 24 months hence by looking beyond today’s business, products and services and be ready to pivot immediately to your new product/service propositions and business model.


    Actionable Steps for Tech CEOs

    Leverage generative AI  market categories to identify the opportunities best suited to your strengths in this fast-growing market. Depending on your current business and financial situation, assess the four categories and how they fit your business.

    Ready to lead the charge in the Generative AI revolution? 

    Download the Gartner report now and see how Generative AI technology impacts offering strategies for Tech CEOs.



    Gartner, How Generative AI Technology Impacts Offering Strategies for Tech CEOs Published 11 July 2023 - By Analyst(s): Arup Roy, Rajesh Kandaswamy, Eric Goodness

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