Redbus decreases response time to customers with Exotel

Case Study

redBus uses Exotel to improve customer experience, increase efficiency and reduce operational cost

Redbus, Indonesia’s #1 bus ticketing platform, is one of Indonesia’s biggest internet success stories. They’re currently a part of the Ibibo group. They operate in over 80,000 routes in Indonesia and offer services from 1500+ bus operators.In a business of this scale, efficiency is the key. And being efficient also means not compromising on the customer experience.

Use case Redbus Used

Customer delight is one of the most important factors for Redbus. This means, having a seamless experience right from the experience on the website to booking tickets to cancellation. And Exotel helps Redbus at every step of the way. Redbus is also one of Exotel’s oldest customers and we are happy to be growing with them.

Click-to-call support for the customers on the web

When customers used the Redbus website to book tickets, in case of issues, there was no easy way for the customers to communicate with Redbus. The effort of finding a number of call to resolve the issues was too much for some customers and this resulted in an increased rate of abandonment.

To make it simpler for customers to contact Redbus when they faced issued without having to leave the page, they introduced a click-to-call button right on the web page.
And this did the trick.
Why click-to-call via Exotel worked
– Customers could get help right from the website without any additional effort
– Since Redbus used Exotel’s API’s to initiate an incoming call to the customer, there was no cost involved for the customer
– Since a dedicated team took care of the web requests via a dedicated Exotel number, the call waiting time reduced considerably. And this improved the customer experience as well.

We receive about 700 calls everyday from customers on our website via click to call. And we have seen a marked improvement in our abandonment rates. After we introduced click-to-call, we have seen a 2% increase in our overall conversions. And this is a considerable number.
Kumar Vinod
Sr. Manager, Operations at Redbus

IVR Ticket Cancellation

Ticket cancellation is a very people-intensive process. Support agents were required to talk to every customer who wanted to cancel a ticket. Initially, Redbus used to get about 400 calls with cancellation requests. But as they grew, this number grew to almost 2500 cancellation calls every day. And this was proving to be time-consuming and expensive.

If we had to manually handle cancellations, we needed at least 15-16 call centre agents dedicated to only cancellations. And this skyrockets cost and decreases efficiency. By automating this process with Exotel, we save almost $. 3 million every year.
Kumar Vinod
Sr. Manager, Operations at Redbus

IVR cancellation
-When a customer wanted to cancel their ticket, they were transferred to the Exotel IVR flow.
-When the customer enters their TIN number or the last 4 digits of their failed transaction PO number, the IVR flow picks up the ticket status from their database and informs the customer.
-In case the customer wants to speak to an agent, they were transferred to one.

We use a traditional PBX system for our call center. But that doesn’t have the capabilities of Exotel’s IVR system. So, we decided to use Exotel for our IVR cancellation system.
Kumar Vinod
Sr. Manager, Operations at Redbus

Redbus uses Exotel to automatically initiate a call with enquiries received via JustDial

Response time makes a massive difference in the case of JustDial enquiries.

Response Time defines the conversion success. Conversion rates are 391% higher when the customer are called within a minute of their inquiry; 120% within two minutes; 98% in under three minutes; 62% in under 30 minutes; and 36% in under an hour. This is where we exploit the efficiency and intelligence of Exotel.
Alok Goel
ex-CPO at Redbus

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