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Helping customers streamline customer interactions

The Information Technology Services & Product companies have found a great alliance in Exotel’s cloud telephony solution. They’re able to innovate & build better products by integrating Exotel’s Voice & SMS capabilities. In addition, they also use Exotel to streamline their own customer conversations.

Here are some popular usages:

Integrating Exotel into apps, websites – Integrating Exotel is an easy way to build communication capabilities (calls, SMS) into the apps or websites you’re developing.
Streamlining customer communication – Setting up a simple customer support number using Exotel takes less than 30 mins. All calls are recorded, no calls are missed, and callers receive assistance via a professional IVR greeting.
Custom integrations – Exotel can also be integrated into your customers’ CRM/ERP. This consolidates all the customer information including communication records in a single platform.

Popular Use Cases

Here is how our customers have used Exotel

Route calls to your customers without revealing their phone numbers to any of your personal

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How Exotel is Helping Ladybird a small team not miss any calls and run an efficient team

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How dotCord uses Exotel to ensure that they do not miss any customer calls and are able to work together as a team

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Cloud telephony in a nutshell

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Setting up a simple call center

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