Exotel support escalation form

At Exotel, we follow the below commandments:

  • Every customer is a star customer.
  • Customers are the sole reason Exotel exists.
  • Nothing or nobody is more important than the customer. When a customer needs your help, everything else takes a backseat.

And hence, we have a 2 level Escalation Matrix to ensure we are always available to help a client.


First level – hello@exotel.in

In case you are facing issues in using any of our services, you can contact our Support team by writing an email to hello@exotel.in and our team will help you resolve the issue.


Second level – Escalation to the Management

In case you are unhappy with the resolution provided and would like to escalate the issue, kindly fill in the form provided below and our Escalation team will get in touch with you within 30 minutes of your escalation.

PS: We also follow an internal escalation procedure where a ticket is escalated to the team lead if the issue is not resolved within the SLAs we adhere to.

Please fill the form

To ensure timely resolution, users must mention the ticket number received from hello@exotel.in with a brief summary on why the resolution provided earlier was unsatisfactory.
Depending on their nature, certain issues would require testing and observation over multiple days. This can delay the resolution time for the user. However, rest assured that our team will be working on these issues diligently, and will keep the user updated on the progress.