Why You Need to Have a Two Way Conversation With Customers

The only way for a business to survive in the digital space is to keep its customers engaged with the brand through contextual communication. Although some businesses manage to communicate with their customers, what most businesses tend to miss out on, is establishing a conversation….

Marketing automation – the king among customer retention strategies

Customer experience management refers to the various processes and strategies that a business develops so as to deliver a great customer experience throughout the customer journey for every single lead. Simply put, it is what the company does to keep their customer happy. It can…

8 Unique Productivity Hacks That Helped Us Survive The Startup Grind

Everyone thrives on being productive. For startups, being productive or not can be the difference between being alive or not. Startups experience unique constraints in terms of time, talent, resources and money. The combination of these constraints makes them productive in creative ways. There are…

5 Ways To Make Your Customers Talk to You

  One of the rarest things to find in the world is a company that doesn’t say, “Customers are our top priority.” Nearly every company or business has it written down as part of their policies and pasted on their conference room walls. Sadly, very…

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