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In-App Voice Calls

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What is in-app voice calling or data calling?

App to app voice calling lets you integrate voice calling capabilities inside any app you build. These calls are directly connected to the person at the other end using VoIP. For example, a cab driver will be able to call a rider from within the app, without having to spend money on a voice call.

Who can use App to App calling?

Here’s how in-app calling can be used by different industries



Connect buyers and sellers or peers using the app

Financial Institutions

Create personalised banking experiences by leveraging in-app calling.

Cab aggregators

Driver & rider calling will be hassle-free from within the app

Hiring Platforms

Track recruiter & applicant conversations from inside the app


Peer to peer selling becomes simpler with app to app calling


Connect doctors and patients without worrying about the privacy of the conversations.

Dating Apps

Keep conversations private and within the app

How it works


After successful integration, when a user clicks on the call button, a call is triggered by our SDK.


Once the callee picks the call, both the users are connected & the communication stays within the application.

Why our SDK is a perfect fit for your application


Battery Friendly

Our SDK activates only during an incoming/outgoing call


Simple Integration

Our simple SDK APIs allows for a seamless integration


Low Bandwidth

Communication at bandwidth as low as 24 kbps uplink and downlink


HD Audio Quality

Jitter-free, low latency, and superior voice communication

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How does this help a business?


Every interaction is encrypted and all the sessions are secure. Built with an enterprise first focus.



With data plans becoming cheaper than voice plans, this is a huge cost saving for both the company and their clients


Since the calls are not routed via any phone number, the customer’s information remains safe and private



Since all the conversations are contained within the app, they can easily be tracked for all business purposes


Can these calls be tracked?

Yes, all the in-app calls are tracked. You can find the status of the calls under the Inbox tab or the reports section.

Can I make video calls?

No, we currently don’t support video calls. But our team is working on it. Fill the form to join our waiting list.


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What platforms are supported in AppToApp calling?

Currently, we only support Android but we’ll be rolling out support for iOS soon. Be the first one to know by joining our priority list.


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Where is my data stored?

The Android SDK doesn’t store any data on the device. All data like call recordings and tracking details are securely stored on Exotel’s servers.

How is AppToApp calling different from a traditional call?

Unlike normal PSTN calls, the AppToApp calls are made over an internet connection. It doesn’t require a caller ID or any telephony infrastructure.

What is the rate limit per account?

By default, the rate is limited to 1 call per second. You can increase this by reaching out to your account manager.


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Can existing Exotel customers leverage AppToApp calling?

Yes. Please reach out to your account manager to get this service enabled or write to us for details.


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Can the SDK make App to PSTN calls?

No. This is not legal in India as per TRAI. To know about other countries, please contact our sales team.


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Can AppToApp call work in the 2G network?

Customers can effortlessly communicate as long as the speed is above 24kbps uplink/downlink during the call session. Our SDK handles the network transition across 2G/3G/4G seamlessly.

What Android version is supported?

Currently, we support Android devices on Lollipop (v5.0) and above.

Asia’s most innovative companies use Exotel

Chirag Patel

Exotel's API documentation and implementation process is extremely simple and easy to follow. There were no hassles in setting it up. We use other cloud telephony platforms as well but Exotel gets a big thumbs-up from us for their ease of use.

Engineering Manager, 1mg

Shashank ND

We have worked across cloud telephony players and with other vendors, but the fact is Exotel is dependable.

Co-Founder & CEO, Practo

Prateek Jain

The number masking feature has been a very worthy addition to making our customer experience even better.

Former Associate Director - Driver Experience, Olacabs


Exotel's automated calls have helped in increasing our service levels and reducing our costs since there is no need for any manual intervention.

Senior Manager - Operations and Strategy

Praveen Kumar

Exotel's APIs are very clearly defined. Our tech team could integrate them in no time. It’s easy to incorporate into any product.

Assistant Vice President, Quikr Services

Satish Chugh

Very supportive and understanding staff who have lived up to every expectation, and at times exceeded them too.

Senior Manager- Last Mile Design, Ekart


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